February 2014

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How to Get a Fair Settlement In Your Personal Injury Claim


If you have been hurt and it was because of someone else’s negligence or mistake it is up to you to develop your claim to get the most recovery from an insurance company.  From the day you are injured until the day of settlement your decisions and actions will directly effect the value of your claim.

First: Go to the Emergency Room

First, if you are injured: go directly to the emergency room.  This is necessary for multiple reasons, first to help you during your injured state, but also, going to the emergency room adds value to your future insurance claim.  Because the documentation shows you acted appropriately when hurt and sought medical care as soon as possible.

The first step in documenting your case, is to seek prompt medical care.  Either from an emergency room or an urgent care clinic.  Do this as soon as you can when you are injured.

Second: Follow Your Doctor’s Orders 

Second, Follow your Doctor’s orders.  If the doctor recommends physical therapy, do it.  If he orders you to see a chiropractor, go.

The same reasons as above apply.  First, you should always follow your doctor’s orders when injured to get healthy.  Second, doing so increases the documentation for your settlement and the value of your claim.

Third: HIre a Lawyer

Third, hire legal representation as soon as possible after you injury.  Statistics show people represented by attorneys receive far more money then persons who settle without representation.

The reason you hire an attorney is to rely on their knowledge of the law in Georgia and how it applies to your case.  If you are not being treated fairly by the insurance company you and your attorney will be able to make an educated decision to file suit and aggressively seek a larger dollar amount to resolve your case.

Fourth: Review Your Insurance Coverage

Fourth, review your insurance coverage.  Even though someone else injured you, your own insurance may have under-insured motorist coverage.  Under Georgia law this coverage may stack (be added to the person’s insurance who hurt you) on top of the insurance you file your original claim with.  You need to know what insurance you can make a claim under to know what your potential recovery may be from insurance policies.

Remember, each case is different, and your best plan is to hire an attorney to advise you on your insurance claim.