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Are Motorcycle Fatalities Common?




There’s nothing like feeling the wind and fresh air against your face as you careen through the countryside. There are a multitude of reasons people who ride motorcycles enjoy them so much. The fun of a motorcycle and the feeling of freedom is unlike any other mode of transportation. Unfortunately, there are a variety of reasons that a motorcyclist can be endangered, especially if they are in a collision with another vehicle. Collisions involving motorcyclists can very quickly up the ante. As a motorcyclist, it’s vital to protect yourself on the road as much as possible. It’s important to note that despite this, no matter the precautions you take, there is still the risk that you may be hit by a negligent driver. The results can be damaging. Contacting an attorney to guide you through the appropriate next steps will be an important part to any motorcycle accident.


Reasons Motorcycle Accidents Are More Severe

Ensuring that you are safely enjoying your motorcycle can make all the difference. Risky behavior can yield damaging outcomes. According to research conducted by the NHTSA, 80% of all motorcycle accidents result in severe injury or fatalities. There are a number of reasons a collision with a motorcycle may be far more severe, for example:


  • Motorcyclists do not have anything to protect them from a collision.
  • They have a higher likelihood of being thrown from their bike or experiencing direct impact from the car hitting them.
  • Because a bike is so much smaller, they can be harder for cars to see, making it easier for a vehicle to unknowingly collide with them.


Despite the risks, many people still choose to ride a motorcycle. Before doing so, make sure that you have educated yourself on the proper safety measures to take when out on the road. If you find that you have been in an accident at the hands of someone else, contact an attorney for their services.


Calling an Attorney

Contacting a motorcycle attorney in the early days following your accident may prove beneficial. The sooner you take action, the better chance you have of gathering everything that is needed to prove your case. An attorney’s services can provide you with not only legal experience but support and empathy that extends far beyond the courtroom. The following are reasons an attorney can be an intricate part to your motorcycle accident:


  • You may be feeling fragile following an accident. Allowing an attorney to take the lead can provide you with the ability to relax and recover from your injuries while they take the appropriate legal steps for your case.
  • You can feel confident in knowing that you have someone with experience managing your case.
  • They can educate you surrounding the legal process and provide you with a plan of action for every step of the way.
  • Your attorney may gather the evidence needed to prove your case.


The services of an attorney comes with some expense. However, you are far better off in obtaining the compensation for your accident with an attorney to represent you than if you were to manage this stressful time on your own.


Riding on a motorcycle can be an incredible experience. For motorcycle enthusiasts, there is nothing like the freedom of the open road. This type of activity can come with some level of risk. Unfortunately, motorcyclists are more susceptible of falling victim to collisions with other vehicles. If you have been in an accident and believe that the other driver may be held responsible, speak with a motorcycle accident lawyer Houston, TX trusts about the proper steps to take.


Thank you to our friends and contributors at John K. Zaid & Associates for their knowledge about motorcycle accidents.

The Causes & Injuries of a Motorcycle Accident


One of the scariest moments a motorcyclist may encounter is that sharp pang of fear when a car is headed their direction in a reckless manner. Motorcyclists are exceptionally vulnerable due to having no protective outer shell to act as a barrier like cars do. If a rider is involved in collision due to a passenger vehicle, it most often leads to awfully painful injuries. If you have recently suffered such an accident, you can count on a motorcycle accident lawyer residents trust.

There are many ways a car and motorcycle collision may happen. Attorneys have gone into further detail below about how these terrible accidents can occur, recommended defensive riding tips, common injuries and how an attorney can be of assistance during this time.

Causes of Car vs. Motorcycle Accidents

If a vehicle driver is being negligent while behind the wheel, it can seriously put a nearby motorcyclist at risk. A car driver may act carelessly by committing any of the following unsafe actions:  

  • Operating vehicle while under the influence of drugs and/or alcohol
  • Failing to follow traffic laws
  • Failing to watch out for passing motorcyclists
  • Driving vehicle while sleepy, fatigued or ill
  • Speeding through an intersection and running a red light
  • Distracted driving by talking to passengers, adjusting radio or texting

Common Motorcyclist Injuries

It is not uncommon for a motorcyclist to suffer a range of severe and agonizing injuries. It can be rare for a rider to walk away unscathed. The range of conditions a motorcyclist may suffer from can include the following:

  • Traumatic brain injuries
  • Broken bones
  • Skull fracture
  • Concussion
  • Dislocated shoulders or joints
  • Lacerations
  • Road Rash
  • Wrist injuries
  • Damage to extremities
  • Cuts from broken glass
  • Nerve damage
  • Spinal cord injuries
  • Partial or total paralysis
  • Emotional trauma

Practicing Defensive Driving

Every person who gets behind the wheel of a vehicle is responsible for being safe. Unfortunately, not every driver upholds this sense of duty and may drive with an obvious disregard to others. One of the best things a motorcyclist can do is practice defensive and safe riding strategies, which can consist of these tips:

  1. Be extra cautious when proceeding through intersections
  2. Utilize hand signals when necessary
  3. Make eye contact with other drivers
  4. Wear brightly colored gear
  5. Do not pass between vehicles
  6. Ride in the farthest left lane while on multi-lane roadways
  7. Do not assume a car will yield to your right of way
  8. Keep an eye out for distracted drivers who may not see you
  9. Move out of the way of swerving or speeding vehicles
  10. Do not share a single lane with another motorcyclist side by side

The attorney you choose to hire should be committed to helping injured people seek retribution for their injuries. They should offer a free consultation for all new clients. Do not spend another day in pain having to pay for your own medical treatments. Find an attorney who can help you seek financial compensation from the driver at-fault.

Personal Injury – Birth Injury


The birth of a child is the most joyous event most parents will ever experience. While this is traditionally a very auspicious occasion, for some happy parents, their joy is marred by physical injury or deformity directly related to the birthing process. More than four million children are born each year in the U.S. For some, serious developmental issues or even death may result. A birth injury is defined as any damage or injury to the infant’s body occurring before, during, or slightly after the child’s birth. Birth injuries vary from minor, easily resolved issues to issues so severe the infant does not survive. Complications of pregnancy or labor such as prolonged labor, where the baby is unusually small or large or when the baby is in a difficult position during labor and delivery, can bring about difficulties for a newborn.

A birth injury is a devastating event that can leave parents with anguish, financial hardship and vexing questions. How did this happen? Could it have been prevented. While some birth injuries are the result of unforeseeable complications beyond anyone’s control, many are the direct result of negligence on the part of doctors, nurses and other medical professionals charged with caring for mother and child prior to during and after childbirth. Some of the most common types of birth injuries include:

  • Asphyxia: Cerebral palsy and other birth defects are caused by lack of oxygen to the brain, also known as asphyxia.
  • Broken bones: A broken bone during childbirth can leave the child with permanent disabilities, requiring ongoing and expensive medical treatment.
  • Brachial plexus injuries: Erb’s palsy and other serious conditions are caused by damage to brachial plexus, the network of nerves between the neck and the shoulder.
  • Spinal cord injuries: An injury to the spinal cord can leave the child with a lifetime of disability and may require physical therapy, rehabilitation and adaptive equipment. Infant back and neck injuries are sometimes caused by misuse of forceps and other medical errors.

Despite all of the necessary care being taken to ensure that all births go on without a hitch, there are instances for one reason or another that does not make this so.  It is the desire of every parent to have a healthy baby, however, accidents and malpractice does happen. If you or someone you know has been the victim of circumstances similar to the ones previously mentioned, please contact an attorney, like a personal injury lawyer Atlanta GA can trust, to better understand your rights and the rights of your child.  



Thanks to contributor Andrew R. Lynch, P.C. for their insight into birth related injury cases.

Should I seek out a medical malpractice lawyer if I have suffered from a medication error?


When your doctor, pharmacist, nurse anesthetist, or other medical staff member gives you a medication that harms you rather than helps you, a medical malpractice attorney Phoenix, AZ residents trust should be consulted.

Medication is prescribed to treat or prevent an illness or disease. When a patient is given the wrong medication or dosage, the damages can be devastating. Serious injuries, permanent disability, and death have been caused by a medication error, especially when a painkiller, anticoagulant, antidepressant, sedative, or antibiotic is involved.

Passionate medical malpractice lawyers near you should be dedicated to helping clients get through what might be a very dark period in their life. They should understand that you might feel scared, confused, and upset. You might have a lot of unanswered questions while also being pressurized by the insurance company to settle as fast as possible, and without a lawyer. You do not have to go through this alone.If you or a loved one has suffered harm because of an alleged medication error, let a medical malpractice law firm help you to be your guide and legal advocate for a medical malpractice claim.


Common Medication Errors

The opportunities for an error to occur during prescribing, formulating, dispensing, or administering a medication can be vast. For example a doctor distracted with other thoughts might prescribe a medication that interacts badly with another medication being taken by the patient. A nurse anesthetist might administer too much or too little anesthesia to a patient causing pain, cardiac arrest, or death. As a medical malpractice lawyer, we have handled cases that involve:

  • Wrong strength or dosage
  • Wrong medication
  • Medication given to the wrong patient
  • Medication overdose
  • Failure to warn the patient about side effects
  • Failure to counsel the patient
  • Failure to get the patient’s consent
  • Failure to acknowledge a patient’s allergy to the medication


Stevens – Johnson Syndrome

Stevens – Johnson Syndrome is a very serious medication induced rare skin disorder that causes the dermal and epidermal layers of the skin to separate and blister. SJS also affects the mucous membranes and causes internal blistering. It is thought that SJS is a very severe reaction to medications including those for gout, pain relievers, sulfa antibiotics, seizure medications, and more. In certain circumstances, you may be able to pursue a medical malpractice claim after be affected by SJS.


When You Are a Victim of a Medication Mistake

A medication error can cause pain, suffering, disability, and death. Financial losses, mental trauma, emotional stress, and loss of consortium might also be a factor in these types of ases. If you suffered harm because a of a medication error, you should consult a medical malpractice lawyer as soon as possible.


Medical Malpractice Victims Should Come First

For decades, skilled medical malpractice law firms have been advocating for victims and their families after being injured by a medication error. Although they cannot turn back time, they remain committed to delivering results that can help to make a difference in our client’s life. If you would like to learn more about a firm and their legal services, call a medical malpractice lawyer today.



Thank you to our contributors at Rispoli Law for the above information.