Thankfully, there are much better alternatives to having filing cabinets with hundreds of sheets of paper with patients’ records on them. Rather than having only paper copies, which is both not as safe and adds clutter to an office, you can use chiropractor electronic health records, like chiropractor EHR from Genesis Chiropractic Software, to keep track of your patients. This will enable you to have more accurate and up to date information. 

Using Electronic Health Records

A chiropractic billing system is simple to use. There is not any major training that needs to be done in order to understand how to use it. By having an electronic health records system put into your chiropractic office, you are allowing your staff to focus fully on your patients, rather than filling out dozens of pages every day for the incoming patients. Electronic health records even allow your patients to fill out their information before setting foot in your office. Not only does it make everything more efficient, but it allows you to update information much more easily and have all of the correct things on file. 

It Is Easy to Transfer Records

Chiropractic billing systems that have electronic health records make it simple to share health information with your patients’ primary care physicians if necessary. Since everything is saved to a cloud, it is easy to transfer from one chiropractic office to another or to other doctors’ offices. This is an incredibly convenient feature for both your staff and your patients. You can even send documents to your patients any hour of the day if necessary, as they will have their own account numbers and can access their patient portal at any time they would like.

The Administrative Team Will Appreciate The Help 

Your staff will be happy you switched to chiropractor electronic health records because they will benefit greatly from it. Not only will they get assistance filling out paperwork, but they can also communicate more effectively with your patients. The staff at your office can message patients at any time as well as ask them to fill out additional paperwork when necessary. It also allows your staff to keep up with any changing information, such as address, new medical diagnoses, and other personal information that may be different. 

Sign Up for Chiropractor Electronic Health Records Today 

You should enroll your chiropractic office in electronic health records today so that you can be more efficient and organized. It will help you focus more fully on your patients and provide better chiropractic care, since you do not need to worry about so much paperwork every time they come in. This will be a benefit to your employees and patients. It is also beneficial to the chiropractor, as he or she will have access to records at any time of the day. Overall, investing in a good chiropractic billing software will save you time, money, and lessen the chances of errors on paperwork. It is a great tool for every chiropractic office, so you should take a look at enrolling your office in chiropractic electronic health records today.