Personal Injury Lawyer

When it comes to handling a case one needs to consider finding the right lawyer. But there are a few individuals that think that after watching a few afternoon courtroom reality shows that they have the knowledge of how to handle their own cases. But much like diagnosing and treating a disease, it’s better to leave it to the professionals than looking it up on WebMD. Here’s a list of reasons why it’s better not to go it alone and why it’s better to gain the representation of a personal injury lawyer instead:


Not knowing how to handle a case means that you likely wont have the knowledge of the various rules, statutes, legislations and how they affect you specifically in your state. This includes all the nuances regarding your specific situation and all the past rulings that can give you an idea if a certain argument will better prove your case or weaken it. Lawyers have all this essential knowledge and have been tested on it. It’s that knowledge that can make or break a case.


Apart from trials, personal injury law is all about the art of the negotiation and attorneys are experienced in arguing a claim and negotiating a proper settlement. Insurance adjusters are just as practiced at reducing and disproving a claim so if you were to go in alone against their skills, odds are, it wont work out for you. It’s better to have a lawyer who knows the ins and outs of negotiating a settlement so you can get the amount you deserve.

Investigative Skills

Part of making your argument is the presentation of evidence and records. And while some hospital firms will gladly give you your medical bills and records, others will wait months before giving you the requested records if they ever do and will only do their job when someone with a bit more authority, like a lawyer, nudges them and prompts them to do so. There’s also the issue of making sure you have the right records and evidence as well. A lawyer will know exactly what you need to make a compelling case compared to a person who isn’t a legal professional who will just go through guesswork.


The courts have strict rules regarding procedures and standards and lawyers adhere to and uphold them. This is compared to a regular person who might not even know the rules at all. From filing times to making sure that documents are filed and signed correctly with the correct information, lawyers can always be counted on to make sure every necessary detail is accounted for to make sure the case goes smoothly.

If you were injured and believe another party is responsible, talk with an experienced personal injury lawyer, such as one from the Eric Roy Law Firm, today.