Auto Accident Attorney Dekalb County GA

Auto Accident Attorney Dekalb County GA

The Law Offices Of Andrew Lynch is a respected auto accident attorney Dekalb County GA drivers have turned to for years to represent them. Andrew Lynch is a skilled attorney with many years of experience helping accident victims get the justice they deserve. If you have been injured due to another driver’s negligence, you may be unsure of your legal rights. You may also be wondering what steps you should take next. Call our office today to arrange a free case review to get started.

Types of Personal Injury Damages that May Be Available After Your Car Accident

Collecting fair coverage after an accident isn’t always straight forward or simple, especially if determining fault for the accident becomes difficult or if the incident involves a driver of a large corporation and their insurance company has tough insurance adjusters. Understanding the types of damages that you can be awarded in court can help you determine if you need a Dekalb County, GA auto accident lawyer to file a claim with the insurance company on your behalf. 

Compensatory Damages

Compensatory damages are the most commonly paid damages in a claim or lawsuit. As Dekalb County, GA auto accident lawyer might explain to you, they are typically more guaranteed than other damages and are meant to compensate the person who was injured by the person who caused the incident. These include things like:

  • Medical bills: Both current and future
  • Property damages: Vehicle or other property
  • Lost income: Both current and future, especially if your injuries resulted in permanent injuries that will prevent you from continuing your current job or obtaining a higher-paying job

General Damages

General damages can be claimed along with compensatory damages and include losses that are less concrete than medical bills or property damage. General damages are often difficult to value; therefore, you should ensure you choose the right auto accident lawyer in Dekalb County, Georgia. These damages may include:

  • Pain and suffering
  • Emotional trauma
  • Loss of consortium with your significant other or other family members
  • Loss of enjoyment from everyday activities and recreation

These types of losses may include future losses associated with injuries and disabilities. Determining lost earning potential is not always straightforward and might require the help of an economist or other professional.

Punitive Damages

Punitive damages generally go above and beyond the losses calculated under compensatory and general damages. These are not only meant to provide adequate compensation for permanent disabilities and the changes in someone’s life due to the accident, including in cases of wrongful death, but they are also meant to punish the responsible party. Some states limit the amount that punitive damages can add up to, and the defendant in a lawsuit is allowed to appeal them to reduce the amount they will owe. In general, punitive damages are only available when your case becomes a lawsuit. Your Dekalb County, GA auto accident lawyer can explain this to you in further detail. 

Fair Coverage

After being severely injured in an accident, it is your responsibility to take care of yourself first, to mitigate further injuries, and begin steps for an insurance claim or opening a lawsuit in a reasonable amount of time. The sooner you speak with a Dekalb County, GA auto accident lawyer, the sooner you will know what you need to do to ensure you can obtain fair coverage for your losses. 

An Auto Accident Attorney in Dekalb County, GA Answers Your Questions

What follows are answers to questions that injury victims commonly have after an auto accident.

If I’m injured in an accident caused by someone else, should I tell the police what happened when they arrive or speak to my attorney first?

It’s important to tell the police officer on scene what happened, but stick to the facts and do not assign blame to anyone or admit guilt in any way. Request a copy of the police report for your auto accident attorney in Dekalb County GA.

Should I get a Dekalb County auto accident attorney right after the accident or can it wait?

Accident scene evidence can degrade quickly and the memories of witnesses can fade over time, so it’s best to get representation immediately. In addition, if you were seriously injured from the accident, a skilled auto accident attorney Dekalb County GA provides may protect your rights. Medical treatment can be extremely costly which means the faster you can recover your damages the better. The Law Offices Of Andrew Lynch may immediately begin the process of filing a claim or lawsuit on your behalf.

What should I do if the at-fault driver’s insurance adjuster calls me?

Legally, you do not have to speak with them. You can politely tell them that you do not wish to speak with them. The concern is that when speaking with the adjuster, you may inadvertently give them information that they can later use against you to deny your claim. Simply provide them with the contact information for your auto accident attorney Dekalb County GA motorists recommended, such as Andrew R. Lynch. He may deal with the insurance company on your behalf. He may also negotiate a settlement on your behalf so that you don’t have to interact with them at all.

Someone from the at-fault insurance company asked me for my medical records. Do I have to turn over that information to them?

No, you do not. At some point, you may have to provide your previous medical information, but only under certain circumstances. It’s very important to consult an experienced auto accident attorney Dekalb County GA offers to know what is or is not legally required of you, and when.

How long do I have to file a lawsuit?

If you want to get compensation for your injuries, you must file your lawsuit before the deadline. In Georgia, the statute of limitations to file a car accident lawsuit is two years. After that, you no are no longer entitled to compensation. That is why it may be important to speak to an auto accident attorney Dekalb County GA residents trust as soon as possible. He may help you file your lawsuit in a timely manner so that you avoid missing the deadline.

What can I expect during a consultation with an auto accident lawyer?

If you’ve been hurt in an accident caused by another party’s negligence, your first step is to schedule a consultation with an auto accident attorney Dekalb County GA. If you’ve never met with a lawyer before, you may feel nervous and unsure of what to expect. You want the meeting to go as smoothly as possible. If you prepare ahead of time and know what to expect, things will be much easier.

What questions will a personal injury lawyer will ask me?

During the initial consultation with an auto accident attorney in Dekalb County GA, they will want to find out as much information as they can about your case. For example, he may want to know how the accident happened and what types of injuries you suffered. Be sure to answer each question honestly and with as much detail as possible.

While answering some of these questions might make you think about the traumatic event all over again, understand that your auto accident attorney Dekalb County GA is just doing their job. The more details your lawyer has about your case, the better they can help you. Answer the questions honestly with as much detail as possible. Here are some questions your lawyer may ask you:

  • When and where did the accident occur?
  • How did you feel immediately after the accident?
  • Were there other witnesses?
  • What types of injuries are you dealing with right now?
  • Have you seen a doctor about your injuries? What’s the prognosis?
  • Have you talked to any insurance representatives about the accident? Did you give them a recorded statement?
  • How much pain and discomfort do you experience on a daily basis?

What documents do I need to bring with me?

To make the initial meeting as efficient as possible, remember to bring all the documents related to your accident with you. This includes medical documents, medical bills, police report and photos of the accident scene. If you recorded detail about the accident in a journal, you’ll want to bring that with you too. Your lawyer will thoroughly review all of these documents and determine if you have a strong case or not.

What questions should I ask a lawyer?

At the end of the consultation, an auto accident attorney Dekalb County GA locals respect may give you an opportunity to ask your own questions. For instance, you may want to find out how many cases similar to yours he has handled in the past and how much compensation you may be entitled to. You may also want to know if your lawyer will be the only lawyer working on your case and whether or not there is anything you can do to help.

Don’t be afraid to ask detailed questions about your lawyer’s skills and experience. If you know more about your lawyer, you’ll be able to determine if they are the right fit. Here are some questions you may want to ask:

  • How long have you practiced personal injury law?
  • What law school did you graduate from?
  • How many cases similar to mine do you deal with every year?
  • What is the best way to reach you?
  • What are your fees?
  • What are the strengths and weaknesses in my case?

If you’ve suffered a personal injury, schedule a meeting with an experienced auto accident attorney in Dekalb County GA. The law office of The Law Offices Of Andrew Lynch knows just how devastating it can be to deal with an injury and want to help you get justice.

What damages am I entitled to?

If you were in a car accident that was another person’s fault, you may be entitled to several different damages, including:

  • Medical treatments: Whether you had surgery or physical therapy for your injuries, you may be entitled to recover these damages in a lawsuit. If your injuries are severe enough to require future rehabilitation, your auto accident attorney Dekalb County GA residents rely on may also be able to help you recover compensation for that.
  • Lost wages: If the injuries you suffered from the car accident have caused you to miss time from work, you may be able to receive compensation for that in your claim.
  • Pain and suffering: As a Dekalb auto accident attorney can attest, you may also be entitled to pain and suffering damages. For example, if your injuries have caused you to walk with a limp for the rest of your life, you may receive additional compensation for that.
  • Loss of Affection or Companionship: If you are injured in a car accident, it might prevent you from showing affection to your spouse, as an auto accident attorney Dekalb County GA offers can confirm. If this is the case, your spouse must make this claim.

Protect Your Rights

If you have questions about the value of your case or the insurance company is not acting in good faith, contact The Law Offices Of Andrew Lynch We may help you file a claim and negotiate a settlement. Give us a call to speak with an auto accident attorney Dekalb County GA residents know they can trust.

It is illegal to drink and drive. The consequences of getting behind the wheel after the over consumption of alcohol can have results far more serious than just a DUI. This is especially the case if the drunk driver caused an accident that injured innocent victims on the road. Sometimes, there can be obvious signs that may lead you to believe that the car ahead of you, or next to you is being operated by someone who is under the influence. While there are a number of ways you may be able to protect yourself from such hazards when behind the wheel, it’s still possible to experience an accident at the hands of their negligence. When the worst happens, it is important to connect with one of the best auto accident attorneys in Dekalb County, Georgia right away.

Signs a Driver is Intoxicated

Suspecting that a driver you are sharing the road with may be under the influence can be downright terrifying. The following are signs you may be in the presence of a drunk driver:

  • Failure to stay in their lane
  • Driving either too fast or too slow
  • Having difficulty maintaining a consistent speed
  • Swerving all over the road
  • Jerking the car around or making sharp movements
  • Driving too close to other cars or obstructions near the road
  • Driving in the wrong direction
  • Driving in the center lane of the road

If you suspect that a driver is under the influence, the following steps could help save lives:

  • Keep a safe distance from the driver
  • Contact the police
  • Give as much information to the dispatcher as possible including your exact location, the make and model of the vehicle, and license plate if you are able to see it. 

Reporting a drunk driver can save lives. By doing so you can not only help to protect your own safety but that of others on the road. Should you suffer harm as a result of a drunk driver’s actions, please contact a Dekalb County, GA auto accident attorney immediately. 

Tips for Protecting Yourself on the Road

Being able to recognize the signs that there is a drunk driver on the road with you and contacting the police are just a few things you can do to not only protect yourself but stop the drunk driver from harming anyone. Here are some additional things you can do to protect yourself: 

  • Use your seatbelt. It’s there to protect you.
  • Keep a considerable distance from other drivers, especially if you believe you are in the presence of an intoxicated driver.
  • Check to make sure no cars are coming at an intersection, even when a light is green. 
  • Driving late at night, or on holidays can increase the risk of being on the road with a drunk driver.
  • Volunteer to be the designated driver.

You can never control someone else’s decisions, however, following the above precautions are a few ways you can reduce the risk of an accident and the injuries you sustain. Although there are many ways of mitigating the risk of an accident, the unexpected can still occur. If it does, know that one of the best auto accident attorneys in Dekalb County, Georgia can help. 

Drunk drivers are unpredictable and incredibly dangerous to share the road with. Drunk driving is illegal, however, this doesn’t always stop people from engaging in this type of behavior. If you have suffered in an accident at the hands of a person who was driving under the influence, not only may they face a DUI, they also stand to deal with a number of other consequences. One such consequence can come in the form of a civil case in which The Law Offices Of Andrew Lynch – Attorney at Law, one of the best auto accident attorneys in Dekalb County, Georgia, may be able to help you to obtain compensation for the damages you have suffered as a result.