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Best Trucking Accident Lawyer in Dekalb County, GA

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Best Trucking Accident Lawyer in Dekalb County, GA

Best Trucking Accident Lawyer in Dekalb County, GA

If you’re looking for the best trucking accident lawyer in Dekalb County, Georgia, then call The Lynch Law Group – Attorney At Law. Our firm understands the regulation and insurance issues that are unique to accidents involving large commercial trucks.

The information below will give you a broad overview of why contacting a personal injury attorney with experience in truck accidents is necessary if you wish to receive a fair settlement for your truck accident injuries.

State and Federal Regulations

Trucks are required to abide by many standards of conduct which are intended to help keep them safe on the roads. There are regulations concerning the amount of time a driver can be on the road without stopping to rest, restrictions on how much the truck can weigh, and regulations about the manufacture and maintenance of the truck.

If the truck and/or driver is found to be at fault for the accident, odds are they were in violation of one or more state or federal regulations. If you are able to prove that the truck involved in your accident violated one of these statutes, your chances of getting a fair settlement or being successful should you go to trial, increase dramatically. The best trucking accident lawyer in Dekalb County, GA understands if your chances for winning at trial are high, the defendant (driver or trucking company) will be more amenable to settling the case out of court.

Compensation from truck accidents versus car accidents

Trucks are not only subject to many state and federal regulations, but their insurance requirements are also higher. Realistically, you can only collect what the defendant can afford — or what the top amount of their insurance policy will allow. Because trucks are required to have a higher minimum policy limit, even if you are awarded a small settlement, it will likely be sufficient to cover your damages. This is not always the case for a traditional automobile accident.

You can trust that by working with The Lynch Law Group– Attorney At Law, we will fight for all of the compensation possible in your case. As the best trucking accident lawyer in Dekalb County, GA, we have the experience it takes to protect your future.

Liability in trucking accidents

The truth is, there could be more than one defendant in a truck accident lawsuit and each may share the responsibility for compensating the accident victim. Here are some examples of how that plays out:

A truck driver gets into an accident with a car and it is found that the truck driver had been on the road for several hours and was perhaps not 100 percent paying attention to driving. A tire on the truck blows out causing the truck to swerve into a car.

The driver of the car may be able to bring charges against both the driver or the trucking company as well as the tire manufacturer. Fault will usually be distributed proportionately to all involved according to the percentage the court or insurance finds each to be responsible.

Having multiple defendants involved may not be advantageous in that it may be more difficult to get all parties to settle, so the case will more likely go to trial.

Traumatic Brain Injuries Caused by a Truck Accident

While you should not be scared to get on the road every day to get to work or run to the grocery store, it is always prudent to exercise caution when driving. If more people looked at their surroundings, understood the rules of the road, and were careful to watch trucks on the road, there would likely be fewer accidents. However, when you are a victim in a truck crash, one of the common injuries that can occur is a traumatic brain injury (TBI). The best trucking accident lawyers in Dekalb County, Georgia, and at The Lynch Law Group – Attorney At Law, know that this may sound like you would clearly know you have a TBI from bleeding or feeling woozy. 

Unfortunately, a TBI is not always so obvious which makes it one of the most dangerous injuries you can get from a truck accident. If you believe you have a TBI or a doctor has confirmed that you have a TBI, you should seek legal action quickly. We can help you build a case against the other driver who caused your injuries. Call some of the best trucking accident lawyers in Dekalb County, Georgia today. 

How Trauma Occurs During an Accident

It may not come as such a surprise to you that trauma to the brain can occur during a truck accident. Especially during particularly nasty accidents, a body can hit multiple surfaces of a car or truck or even be ejected through the windshield. We have seen many clients come into our office with a range of injuries due to someone else’s negligence while driving a truck. As the best trucking accident lawyer in Dekalb County, GA, we believe you should get the justice you deserve when this type of pain has been inflicted on you. For example, if you smashed your head against the steering wheel after impact, you may experience obvious signs of injury. 

  • A head gash
  • Bruising
  • A small laceration
  • Profuse bleeding from the impact site

These can be obvious signs that you might have a TBI and thus you may feel compelled to go see a medical professional. On the other hand, your head injury may produce a few signs or no signs at first. 

  • A headache
  • Dizziness
  • Loss of consciousness
  • Loss of vision

Some of these are mild and you may think they are a natural, temporary injury after such an accident. Further, you may not experience any of these signs for days after the accident, leading you to believe you do not need to go to see a doctor. This is incredibly dangerous and we encourage all of our truck accident clients to seek out medical help after an accident even if you do not believe you have sustained an injury. It is best to have a doctor rule out the possibility of a brain injury before you do not get help and it is too late. 

If you were in a truck accident and have suffered from a TBI, speak with the best trucking accident lawyer in Dekalb County, GA, such as, a member of our legal team from The Lynch Law Group – Attorney At Law. as soon as you can. We care about getting you the care and justice you deserve. 

The Lynch Law Group – Attorney At Law is On YOUR Side

If you’ve been injured in an accident involving a large commercial truck, don’t hesitate to call the best trucking accident lawyer in Dekalb County, GA. Our team will evaluate your case for free.

As the best trucking accident lawyer in Dekalb County, GA we have seen it all. We will work to protect your rights and get the compensation you deserve. Compensation that will consider not only your current expenses but future burdens as well.

Don’t settle for less. Call The Lynch Law Group – Attorney At Law, the best trucking accident lawyer in Dekalb County, GA today.