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Bicyclist Accident Lawyer Dekalb County, GA

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Bicyclist Accident Lawyer Dekalb County, GA Bicyclist Accident Lawyer Dekalb County, GA

When you need to know what steps to take after a bike accident, you should see how a bicyclist accident lawyer Dekalb County, GA knows from Andrew R. Lynch, P.C. can help you. Many people every year get into bicycle accidents at the hands of someone else’s negligence and are left feeling hopeless about any personal injuries they have suffered or any property damage they may have. Especially when you are riding a bike and not driving in a vehicle like a car or truck, you may naturally assume you have fewer rights than another vehicle driver on the road. On the contrary, the bicycle accident lawyer Dekalb County, GA relies on wants you to know that your rights are extremely important and that there are certain steps you should take immediately following a bike accident. To seek help after your injuries, give our firm a call. 

What You Should Do

You may be wondering what you should do after being the victim in a bike accident. Should you continue to your destination if you think you are feeling okay? Should you exchange contact information with the other driver if someone else hit you? The truth is, many times, a bike “accident” was never an accident at all. A Dekalb County, Georgia bicyclist accident lawyer knows that these crashes usually happen because a person in a larger motor vehicle was driving negligently. 

Top Things To Do Before and After an Accident


  • Identification. This may sound obvious or it may sound unnecessary, but just as you would when you leave your house and drive in a car, do not get on your bike without some form of personal identification, a cell phone if you have one, and insurance emergency contact information. You never know when you will need any of the above documents and a bicyclist accident lawyer in Dekalb County knows these items are important. 
  • 9-1-1. You may be unsure of what kind of injuries you have sustained, but it is important to have a police record showing that you were injured by another motor vehicle and document what injuries you may have sustained so far. If you are physically unable to stay at the scene, call an ambulance or ask the police officer call one for you. 
  • Do Not Disturb the Scene. Depending on where you are, you should leave the scene as it was before the police get there. If you have a cell phone with a camera or another way to take photographs, take pictures of the scene. If your bike is in the way of traffic or otherwise not creating a safe environment, document it and move it out of the way. It is important that you get to safety and try not to harm others with your bike while waiting for the police. 
  • Get Information. Get the contact and insurance information of the other driver but do not speak with them about the details of the crash or the injuries you sustained. 
  • Call Your Attorney. Call your bike accident attorney as soon as possible so that you can go over details of the crash and determine what the best legal course of action may be.

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