Car Accident Lawyer Decatur, GA

Car Accident Lawyer Decatur, GAMillions of Americans get into a car every day without thinking that a crash will happen, but when one does, you may need a car accident lawyer Decatur, GA, from Law Offices of Andrew Lynch. While cars have become far safer over the past few decades, accidents still happen. While these safety features help prevent many car crashes, they can’t always account for factors like a driver engaging in reckless behaviors, poor road conditions, and bad weather. 

You Deserve an Attorney To Represent You 

Car crashes come in many shapes, ranging from minor bumps in the parking lot to catastrophic accidents that can result in serious medical issues like traumatic brain injuries. Not every car crash necessarily warrants help from a Decatur car accident attorney. For example, in our first example, your insurance company might efficiently resolve a small bump in a parking lot might be quickly resolved by your insurance company even if the other party fled the scene. However, receiving compensation often becomes harder the more serious a situation becomes. 

Tactics Insurance Companies Use

Even when it seems clear that the other party is liable—perhaps they ran a red light, were engaging in distracted driving, speeding, etc.—that doesn’t mean that the driver or their insurance company won’t try to dispute the claim. Another tactic insurance companies try to do is offering a settlement that doesn’t adequately cover your expenses. Besides medical bills, victims of car crashes can receive compensation for factors like pain and suffering. Unfortunately, insurance companies know many victims don’t realize this or that victims simply don’t have the time or resources to hold out for a better settlement. 

What Can a Lawyer Do? 

An attorney has many tools at their disposal that can help you obtain the necessary compensation. They can negotiate with insurance companies and apply legal pressure when needed. Even the most stubborn insurance company will get on the phone if they know you’re willing to take legal action. An attorney can also help you gather evidence. Besides elements like pictures and personal testimonies, an attorney can work with auto accident reconstructionists or technology to support your claim better. 

A Professional Attorney Is Willing to Go to Court

Contrary to what legal dramas often depict, many cases never reach a judge or jury. For example, many car accident claims are resolved outside the court system simply because cases take time and money and can be unpredictable. Instead, with help from an attorney, the insurance company will likely provide a reasonable settlement, even if it takes a few tries. However, a confident attorney should be willing to go to court if necessary. 

Let Us Represent You Today 

Car crashes happen daily; while some don’t call for legal action, many do. Therefore, trying to resolve an issue yourself by communicating with the insurance companies isn’t advisable. Not only may it feel like you’re not making any progress, but the insurance companies may try tricking you into admitting fault. Work with a Decatur car accident attorney by calling Law Offices of Andrew Lynch today!