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Drunk Driving Accident Lawyer Decatur, GA

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Drunk Driving Accident Lawyer Decatur, GA

Drunk Driving Accident Lawyer Decatur, GABeing involved in an accident that involves a drunk driver is particularly traumatic because it likely could have been avoided if the defendant had not chosen to drink and drive. If you or someone in your life has been in an accident with a drunk driver, you need to contact a drunk driving accident lawyer in Decatur, Georgia from Andrew R. Lynch, P.C. today. The sooner you reach out, the better so that we can begin to build a strong case. 

Compensation You Can Seek

There are many things that happen in a car accident, which means there is a wide range of compensation you can seek in a drunk driving accident case. The most obvious are property damage and medical bills. You deserve to have your car and any other property damages restored to the condition that they were before the accident. You also will know that the medical bills you have received should be covered, but did you know you can also seek damages for the future medical bills you may incur because of the accident? You may also seek damages for lost wages due to missed work, physical therapy and other appointments that are related to your injuries, and even possibly pain and suffering because of the trauma from your accident. Sometimes, judges like to offer a little extra compensation to the injured party as a preventative measure in hopes to keep the defendant from driving drunk again. 

Why You Need a Lawyer

You absolutely need to hire an experienced drunk driving accident lawyer in Decatur, GA from Andrew R. Lynch, P.C. so that you have someone who has your best interest at heart if you were injured by a drunk driver. This is an inexcusable offense and people need to be punished if they choose to jeopardize the wellbeing of themselves and others by drinking and driving. We will look at the details of your case to determine what you may be entitled to receive and how to best go about seeking damages from the offending party. We have handled so many cases like yours and know what is reasonable to ask for in a drunk driving case and how to present the evidence in court. We will understand if a settlement seems fair or if you need to take a case to court. By hiring a skilled attorney from Andrew R. Lynch, P.C. to handle your case, you can focus on recovering from the accident. 

Contact Us Today

Reach out to our law firm as soon as possible so you do not miss the statute of limitations for filing. You need to get justice for the problems that you faced because of the drunk driving accident. You should not have to pay for the mistakes of someone else. Reach out to our office today to set up a consultation so that we can go over your case in greater detail.