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You’ve undoubtedly seen numerous Progressive Insurance commercials on TV wherein personable, smiling fictional spokespeople bounce around singing Progressive’s praises. The keyword here, however, is “fictional.” If you’ve been the victim of an accident caused by a drunk driver with a Progressive auto insurance policy, you likely will quickly discover that Progressive’s real-life adjusters are anything but friendly. In fact, their one and only job is to pay you the lowest possible amount of compensation for the injuries you sustained because of their policyholder’s reckless behavior. That’s why talking to an experienced car accident lawyer from Andrew R. Lynch, P.C., Attorney at Law, is important in helping you protect yourself.

Why You Need Help From an Experienced Car Accident Lawyer

A Progressive claims adjuster may well call you within a few days after your accident and attempt to ask you a bunch of questions. Remember, though, this adjuster is not your friend. He or she represents Progressive Insurance and, by extension, its drunk policyholder.

Your best strategy is to already have an experienced local car accident lawyer in place when you receive this call. If you do, you can – and definitely should – refer the caller to your lawyer instead of trying to talk to him or her yourself. This serves two purposes. Not only does it get the claims adjuster off your back, it also lets him or her know that you’re serious about seeking the maximum amount of damages possible.

It won’t surprise you to learn that Progressive’s claims adjusters – or any insurance company’s adjusters, for that matter – deal with lawyers far differently than they deal with injury victims personally. Why? Because they know that lawyers have the experience to recognize the value of their clients’ injuries, plus the aggressiveness to pursue the claim all the way to a jury trial, if necessary. Consult an experienced drunk driving accident lawyer in Atlanta, GA today.

Initial Claim Demand

In all likelihood, your lawyer will try to wait until you’re released from the hospital before sending Progressive an initial demand letter. Why? Because he or she will want to draft a strongly-worded letter that clearly sets forth the amount you’re claiming in economic and non-economic damages and the documented reasons why this amount is reasonable.

Trial Preparation

Although most personal injury claims settle out of court, your lawyer probably will treat your case as though it’s ultimately going to trial. Such a mindset strengthens his or her negotiating position with Progressive since, like most insurance companies, they definitely don’t want to incur the expense and uncertainty of a jury trial. They realize that their policyholder’s drunk driving, especially if he or she is convicted of causing an accident while under the influence of drugs or alcohol. serves as a very good reason why the jury could award you punitive damages on top of your other damages.

No one ever wants to find themselves in a drunk driving situation, but unfortunately, it happens. Here at Andrew R. Lynch, P.C., Attorney at Law, we can help you fight against insurance companies like Progressive. Call us at (470) 558-0495 for a consultation.