false claims act atlanta attorney

If you find that the company you are working for is engaging in fraud, the right thing to do is to report it. We all know this, but most people who are put in a situation where they are aware of corruption or fraud frequently do no report it out of fear of losing their jobs. However, the law is on your side when you expose illegal activity in a company, or “blow the whistle”. With a skilled lawyer such as Atlanta Area attorney Andrew Lynch by your side, you can expose corruption without putting your career on the line, and can even be compensated substantially.

The Federal False Claims Act requires any person or company who knowingly takes money from the government based on a fraudulent claim to pay back that money along with a hefty fine. Since it can be practically impossible for someone on the outside of a company to spot such fraud, the False Claims Act also provides any “Whistleblowers” protection from being fired or otherwise retaliated against for stepping forward and exposing this fraud. To incentivize this stepping forward, the False Claims Act also provides any person who files a suit under the False Claims Act a portion of any amount of money recovered for the government in the suit.

The False Claims Act is not just about recovering money, it is about protecting the tax payers from fraudulent organizations that steal tax dollars. Multiple states, including Georgia, have passed their own version of the law to protect citizens on the state level as well. These laws lean on the bravery of individuals to stand up when they see fraud, and allow the Department of Justice to hold organizations who steal from the tax payers accountable. This is why the law offers a potentially substantial reward to these brave individuals.

Suits under the false claims act are not easy, and they are not short. The process is complicated, and each case is different, which is why you need the experience of DeKalb County, Atlanta Attorney Andrew Lynch to ensure that you are on the path to success. If you have spotted fraud, and you are ready to stand up against it, call attorney Andrew Lynch immediately for a free consultation, and place your case in the right hands.