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I’ve Been Hit By a Drunk Driver. What Next?

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Atlanta, GA Drunk Driving Accident Lawyer

drunk driving accident lawyer Atlanta, GA

Getting in a car accident is a stressful, frightening, and dangerous experience – and if the other driver was drunk, the accident was completely avoidable, too. Being involved in a car accident with someone who was under the influence adds a whole layer of frustration and disbelief to the entire ordeal, but with the help of a drunk driving accident lawyer in Atlanta, GA, you can get the compensation (and justice) you deserve.

Who is responsible in an accident with a drunk driver?

Imagine you’re traveling along and minding your own business, when out of the blue a drunk driver misses a stop sign and t-bones your car. In a wash of adrenaline, fear, and complete confusion, you might be at a loss when you try to describe the accident to law enforcement or your insurance provider. However, if the other driver was drunk, it’s a pretty clear indicator that they will be held responsible for the accident.

It’s important to think about the specifics of your accident, though. While it’s obvious that a negligent driver is the main culprit, are you sure that stop sign was visible in the first place? If it wasn’t, you could potentially hold the city accountable for your injuries as well.

What about my medical recovery?

Car accidents cause many different types of injury, and because no two accidents are alike, it’s difficult to know what exact type of injuries you’ll be dealing with. Here are a few of the most common car accident injuries:

  • Whiplash: The human neck was not supposed to deal with a rapid back-and-forth motion. Unfortunately, if you’re rear-ended, that the exact sort of movement your head, neck, and shoulders will go through. After an accident, you might be too hopped up on adrenaline to notice you’ve been hurt, but in a few hours or days whiplash might take hold. Soreness, stiffness, and even a loss of motion – whiplash is serious and serves as a reminder to seek medical attention for any car accident, no matter how minor.
  • Broken bones: Cars have become more and more safe as technology advances, but all the airbags in the world can’t provide 100% protection from broken bones. A broken arm (or even a broken finger) can mean a lengthy recovery with a potential for a costly surgery thrown into the mix, and you might not even be able to perform your work-related tasks while you’re in a cast or sling.
  • Brain injuries: Any kind of brain injury has the potential to turn life-threatening. If you hit your head during a car accident, you should seek help immediately. Left untreated and unchecked, even a minor concussion can lead to a coma. It’s best to stay on the side of caution, no matter how minor your injuries might seem on the surface.

Whatever the exact nature of your injuries, you’ll need money to pay for all those expensive medical bills, and you’ll probably need even more money if your recovery meant lost wages from work.

Who pays for my recovery?

If you have car insurance, you’d expect your insurance company (or the other party’s insurance policy) to cover for your injuries. However, many insurance companies are hesitant to pay you when you need to be paid – in fact, many insurance companies actually generate money by generating interest, so they’ll sit on your funds for as long as possible. Fortunately, when you reach out to a drunk driving accident lawyer, you’ll gain a valuable ally who can fight on your behalf against stingy insurance companies.

Don’t let a drunk driver get off the hook if they’ve caused serious (and expensive) injuries. If you’ve been involved in an accident with a drunk driver, you should reach out to a lawyer as soon as possible.