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Motorcycle Accident Lawyer Atlanta, GA

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Motorcycle Accident Lawyer Atlanta, GA

Motorcycle Accident Lawyer Atlanta, GARiding a motorcycle can be incredibly rewarding for enthusiasts but know that sometimes a person may suffer a motorcycle accident, making the assistance of our Atlanta, GA lawyer imperative. Even the most skilled of riders may find themselves face to face with a collision. As a result, the impact on victims can be severe and even tragic. Should such an accident occur at the hands of a negligent party, it’s best to reach out to The Lynch Law Group. While no two accidents are the same, our experienced team can offer several benefits and assist with filing the claim, negotiating with the opposing side, and keeping your interests at the forefront. 

Filing a Claim

Should your lawyer recommend that you pursue an accident claim, it will be in your best interest to retain their counsel. Typically after an accident, you are expected to report the accident to insurance companies. At times, it may be helpful to have guidance from your lawyer to ensure that you do not say or do anything that could undervalue the claim. When filing a claim, your lawyer will work closely with you to gather critical evidence that proves fault in the case. From there, they will put together a demand letter outlining the accident and your request for compensation. Typically this kicks off the process. Having a lawyer who can manage the calls can offer massive relief for those still recovering from injuries and unfamiliar with. 

Negotiations Led by a Professional

Negotiation is an art that our Atlanta, GA motorcycle accident lawyers have extensive training in. As the plaintiff, you will be responsible for bringing the claim to the opposing side with a clear demand outline. Once the insurance adjuster reviews the demand, either they or their lawyers will do one of two things: 

  1. Deny the claim (or)
  2. Make a settlement offer

Typically, the initial settlement is just the jumping-off point for negotiations, and often, this offer is much lower than what a victim may be entitled to. Our firm will negotiate a settlement and advise over each step of the process to achieve the best possible outcome. 

Know Who to Call

The days following an accident are sure to be dismal, especially when the victim has severe injuries. While the idea of encroaching upon the legal process may feel overwhelming, with the assistance of a lawyer, you can have a clear direction for how to move forward. Accident victims must take the time to find an experienced accident lawyer that they can depend on. While it may be tempting to consider self-representation- it’s not recommended. With our assistance, we can develop a clear strategy, provide support and guidance while also ensuring that you obtain the best outcome possible. Unfortunately, those who choose to forgo legal service may find themselves at a disadvantage. Here are some potential issues victims stand to face should they move forward without an experienced lawyer:

  • High probability that victims will walk away empty-handed or make procedural errors during the filing process
  • Victims stand to spend significant amounts of time educating themselves surrounding the legal system, impacting their ability to focus on their recovery truly.
  • The opposing side may not take victims as seriously and may even present an offer far less than fair.
  • Navigating a complicated legal system may cause victims to make missteps that could impact case outcomes.

If you were recently in a motorcycle accident, you have a right to take action for the losses you have suffered. Often victims suffer injuries that leave a long-term impact on their future. Victims shouldn’t have to bear the burden of their losses alone. Contact our Atlanta, Georgia motorcycle accident lawyer from The Lynch Law Group to schedule an appointment today.