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Personal Injury Attorney Decatur, GA

Personal Injury Attorney Decatur, GAA personal injury attorney in Decatur, GA from Andrew R. Lynch, P.C. knows that identifying a birth injury may not be an easy task. Depending on the situation, your baby’s injury may not be noticeable until months or years after being born. But, there are some signs initially that doctors and parents alike must be on the lookout for including:

  • Swelling, abrasions, or bruising on the child’s face, head, or shoulders
  • Seizures that happened within 48 hours after being born
  • The infant needing CPR or breathing tube
  • Limp or loose arms, muscle lacking tone and strength is evident

If these birth injuries are present during or after the delivery, your doctor and the medical team must work promptly to prevent any further damage that may happen. If medical staff fails to identify and quickly address these signs of a birth injury, they may be held responsible for medical malpractice. If you suspect an error led to your baby’s injury, then call a Georgia personal injury attorney in Decatur now.

Birth injuries, such as cerebral palsy, will not exhibit signs until later on in the child’s development process. Please keep in mind that these symptoms are only meant to be a basic guide line, so if you suspect that your child has a birth injury, you need to discuss with a doctor who can properly diagnose the condition and create a treatment plan. Examples of late birth injury symptoms that parents must watch out for are listed as follows:

1 Month Old

Baby may suckel and feed slowly and doesn’t blink when bright lights are on, or barely moves limbs or seems stiff. 

3 Months Old

Infant doesn’t respond to noises that are loud, is unable to hold/grasp objects, cannot support their own head, and doesn’t push down with his or her feet when standing on a firm surface. 

7 Months Old

Body seems stiff with muscles that are overly tight, cannot sit up without assistance, has a doll-like appearance (“floppy”), or cannot roll over. 

12 Months Old

Todder cannot crawl, is unable to stand even with support, and hasn’t said simple single words yet (mama, dada, etc). 

Call Andrew R. Lynch, P.C. 

We can only imagine the anguish and stress that you have endured as new parents with a baby that may have a birth injury. We can assess your situation and inform you of your legal options moving forward. It’s best to get guidance from a lawyer who is knowledgeable in these types of cases, so you have the best chances of a verdict in your favor. 

We know that money may not be able to undo a birth injury, but the least we can do is fight for our clients who deserve compensation for what they have been through. Call a Decatur, GA personal injury attorney from Andrew R. Lynch, P.C. today to schedule a consultation.