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Personal Injury Lawyer Atlanta, GA

Personal Injury Lawyer Atlanta, GAA personal injury lawyer in Atlanta, GA from Andrew R. Lynch, P.C. knows that burn injuries are immensely painful and can leave lasting physical and mental scars. Whether the burn was caused from an accident at a gathering, hazard in the workplace, chemical burn from an unsafe product, or something else, it’s important for victims to know that they may be entitled to compensation. You may need guidance from a distinguished lawyer who is experienced in handling personal injury cases, such as Andrew R. Lynch, P.C. 

Categories of Burn Severity

There are four main kinds of burns: thermal burns, chemical burns, light burns, and radition burns. Then, there are categories of severity including first-degree, second-degree, and third-degree. Burns are one of the most costly traumatic injuries to treat. Even simple burns can get infected and require further medical care. Third degree burns may take years of treatment before healing, and often have a big influence on the victim’s ability to work and quality of life. 

Burns take time and money as the victim goes through treatment, rehabilitation, and repeat admission. Let a personal injury lawyer in Atlanta, Georgia from Andrew R. Lynch, P.C. represent your case by calling today.

Here are the categories and types of burns victims may sustain after an accident:

  • Light burns: caused from ultraviolet or sunlight.
  • Thermal burns: caused by contact with steam, fire, hot liquids, or other sources where extreme heat or temperature is present.
  • Radiation burns: caused by being exposed to nuclear radiation.

  • First-degree burns: the top layer of skin is burned, some inflammation and redness present. Burns usually only cause minimal damage to skin and heal within seven days. Can be treated at-home with aloe vera gel or cool water.
  • Second-degree burns: damage that extends through the top layer of skin, with blistered and very red skin. Burns may take weeks to heal completely, and must be bandaged properly.
  • Third-degree burns: worst kind of burn, where damage goes through the layers of skin and may damage bones and organs. Burns can cause permanent damage to nerves, in addition to hypothermia or death. Emergency attention must always be sought with urgency. 

Burn Injury Compensation

Accidents happen all the time, where injury may or may not result. However, when another person or entity contributed to the incident occuring, victims may have reason to file a lawsuit for compensation. To learn more about whether you have a case and what the next steps are, call an Atlanta, Georgia personal injury lawyer from Andrew R. Lynch, P.C. today.