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Personal Injury Lawyer Georgia

Personal Injury Lawyer GeorgiaA personal injury lawyer in Georgia from Andrew R. Lynch, P.C. understands that nursing homes were created to be a space where seniors can live their remaining years peacefully. It is not an easy choice to admit that your elderly loved one needs to be placed in such a facility, however, families all across the country and globe do it everyday. 

Devastatingly, despite putting one’s faith in the staff and doctors at these nursing homes, abuse and neglect happens more often than anyone would want to admit. So if you suspect that your relative is the victim of abuse in a nursing home facility, you must have a lawyer on yoru side that has experience handling these serious and delicate cases.

Don’t hesitate to call Andrew R. Lynch, P.C. today to learn more about how we can get your loved one somewhere safe and hold the offenders responsible for their harmful actions. 

Family’s Must Take Action

As your Georgia personal injury lawyer may advise, if you suspect that nursing home abuse is happening to your loved one, then you must act swiftly in order to prevent further incidents from occuring. Mistreatment may not be easy to see, as not all abuse is visible on the exterior body. Examples of nursing home abuse include:

  1. Emotional abuse: examples of emotional abuse are mocking, humilation, intimidation, or other treatment of an unkind nature towards a senior resident by doctors or nursing home staff. Your relative may exhibit anxiety, depression, anger, withdrawal from communication, and other behaviors unlike their personality. 
  2. Sexual abuse: signs of sexual abuse include sexually transmitted diseases, bloody underclothes, bleeding around genitals, or injuries to the breast area. 
  3. Physical abuse: the most common visible signs of physical abuse are unexpained bruses, broken bones, and cuts.
  4. Neglect: you may notice your loved one is sleeping in an unsanitary room, or has soiled bed sheets. This is an obvious sign that the staff may be negligent in caring for your relative appropriately. 
  5. Financial exploitation: if you see that new credit cards have been opened in your relatives name, unauthorized withdrawals of money, fund transfers, and identity theft, then is it advised you get assistance immediately from a legal professional. 

Other Steps To Do Now

If you feel compelled to take action right away, there are steps you can take in addition to contacting our law office now. Try talking to your loved one alone without staff present, and see if they will tell you about how they are being treated. Ask if there is a certain staff member that is being abusive. Request copies of their medical records, and if there are physical injuries take photographs. If the living area is unsanitary, capture these in photos or video as well. 

Finally, consider moving your loved one to a temporary home until the case can be built against the offending facility. Contact law enforcement, file a report with them, and then submit a complaint with the state. 

To get help with protecting your loved one against further abuse in a nursing home, call our law office today. A GA personal injury lawyer from Andrew R. Lynch, P.C. is ready to take your call.