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Shooting Victim Lawyer Decatur, GA

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Shooting Victim Lawyer Decatur, GA

Shooting Victim Lawyer Decatur, GAAny shooting is traumatic, and you should never hesitate to contact a shooting victim lawyer in Decatur, Georgia, who can help you get the compensation you deserve.

When you decide to file a lawsuit because of your firearm-related injury, you shouldn’t go in blind: You need a lawyer who can walk you through the whole process, and you need as much information as possible to ensure your case has a chance. There are many factors that can make or break a lawsuit, and learning all you can about the specifics of your shooting is just as important as making sure you have a crack legal team at your side.

Read on to learn more about shooting injuries, and the information you and your lawyer might need to help you get the proper financial compensation.

Shooting Injuries

The injuries caused by firearms can vary. Fatalities and long-term (or even permanent) disabilities are not uncommon. But the extent of your shooting injury is determined by the specifics of your own case. Every shooting is different, so you and your lawyer will need to properly investigate the circumstances.

One of the more important factors in a shooting – both from a medical and a legal standpoint – is what type of firearm was used, and what kind of ammunition was fired. Not everyone is a firearms expert, but it’s important to learn all you can about what the shooter was armed with, and how their decisions led to serious injury on your part.

Handguns and Hollow Points

Most shootings in the United States can be traced back to handguns. Handguns are commonly used as defensive firearms, and they’re the primary firearm carried by law enforcement officers. Handguns are easily concealed for defensive use, but depending on your location this may require a permit.

On the other hand, a long gun such as a rifle or shotgun is more difficult to conceal. This may make it more difficult for a shooter to prove they were acting defensively, especially if the shooting occurred outside of their property. Even if the shooter was carrying a handgun, they would have to prove their life (or the life of another) was in serious danger before they had to shoot. A shooting victim lawyer Decatur, GA residents turn to can help you determine if there was a creditable threat.

It’s important to remember that a gun can’t shoot without ammunition. There is a broad range of ammunition available for every firearm, and the ammunition used in your shooting can shed additional light on the intent of the shooter.

When it comes to handgun ammunition, there are two common types of ammunition: Full metal jacket (FMJ) or hollow point (HP). They both have their own uses. FMJ ammunition is commonly used in target shooting, while HP ammunition is intended more for self defense.

Full metal jacket ammunition is designed to maintain its trajectory. The projectile (the part of the bullet that is shot out of the firearm) is typically lead, with a copper or alloy jacket. It’s solid, and has the potential to overpenetrate a target. If you were caught in the crossfire and accidentally shot with full metal jacket ammunition, you could claim the shooter was acting negligently.

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Any kind of injury means a lengthy recovery period and expensive medical bills. You shouldn’t pay a cent out of your own pocket – reach out to a shooting victim lawyer in Decatur, GA today, and see how The Law Offices Of Andrew Lynch can help.