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Truck Accident Lawyer Georgia

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Truck Accident Lawyer Georgia

Truck Accident Lawyer GeorgiaTruck Accident Lawyer in Georgia

If you’ve been involved in a truck accident, you should reach out to a truck accident lawyer in Georgia so you can get the compensation you deserve. Fortunately, the Law Offices Of Andrew Lynch is ready to help you navigate your case and understand the complicated legal issues that may surface from your accident.

Car accidents get much more attention than truck accidents, but truck accidents are much more dangerous. If you’re involved in a truck accident, it’s like being hit by a building on wheels. You could suffer serious injuries – and even catastrophic injuries that can completely change how you live your life. And of course, you’ll be stuck paying off serious medical bills. It all stacks up, and it can be incredibly overwhelming.

To make matters worse, if you’ve been involved in a truck accident, you’ll probably have to deal with a lengthy recovery period before you can go back to work. Unfortunately, if you’ve been relying on your paychecks to keep yourself (and your family) afloat, you might find yourself in serious financial jeopardy. Rent or mortgage payments, payments on your car – even groceries and necessities might be almost unfeasible after your accident.

Fortunately, you can contact a qualified truck accident lawyer to get the help you need. You shouldn’t have to pay out of your own pocket for the injuries sustained by a negligent driver, and in the case of a truck accident, there could be many different parties that you can hold responsible for your injuries. Read on to learn more about what you should expect after a truck accident, and how a truck accident lawyer in Georgia can help.

Who Pays for My Damages?

It can be confusing dealing with the different insurance policies in an ordinary car accident, but with a truck accident it can be even more complicated. Some truckers are independent contractors, and they provide their own insurance. On the other hand, some trucks are part of huge fleets which are all insured by their parent corporation.

In any case, you should expect a payout from the truck operator’s insurance – but if their insurance deems you to be partially at fault or fails to pay you in a timely fashion, you should contact a lawyer as soon as you can. If you’ve taken photos and documented the truck accident (as you always should in any car accident) you can use these photos as evidence while you and your lawyer build your case together.

Contact a Lawyer Who Cares

Unfortunately, not all truck accident lawyers are equal. Some only view their clients as a quick paycheck, and others only offer fast-and-dirty solutions that might not even work in your case. Every case is different, and it takes a dedicated and experienced attorney to get you the money you need to move on from your truck accident. You need a lawyer who is as committed to your case as you are. You need the Law Offices Of Andrew Lynch.

At the Law Offices Of Andrew Lynch, we understand how complicated, challenging, and frustrating a truck accident can be. We know you may be completely overwhelmed by the accident and its aftermath, and we know that you shouldn’t make any snap decisions out of desperation. Get in touch with us today, and see how an experienced Georgia truck accident lawyer from The Law Offices Of Andrew Lynch can help you find your next steps.