Airbag Accident Attorney Dekalb County GA

At The Law Offices Of Andrew Lynch, an airbag accident attorney Dekalb County GA residents trust understands that airbags are meant to save someone from critical injuries that could result in death if an accident were to happen. However, while rare, there are instances when an airbag deploying actually causes serious injury to the occupant. Sadly, these safety devices may cause already sustained injuries because of the crash much worse. If you or a loved one was recently in an accident, sustained a significant injury, and another car was partially at-fault, then we urge you to call our law office right away for assistance.

Common Airbag Injuries

Deployment of an airbag can result in a range of injuries to any part of the body. Because of the rate in which the airbag expands and chemicals inside it, damage to the head, chest, abdomen, and extremities does happen. If you think that the airbag in a recent car accident deployed incorrectly or had contributed to physical injury, then we suggest contact an auto accident attorney Dekalb County GA families can depend on from The Law Offices Of Andrew Lynch today. 

Here are the most common airbag injuries:

  • Internal bleeding
  • Eye injuries
  • Airbag dermatitis
  • Injury to the fetus in a pregnant woman
  • Asthma attacks, throat irritations, or persistent coughing
  • Concussion, brain bruising, brain swelling, losing consciousness
  • Hearing loss or physical trauma to the ear
  • Cervical spine fractures
  • Broken ribs, arms, and/or wrists
  • Sprained fingers
  • Abrasions to chest, arms, or face
  • Burns 

To help ward against airbag injuries, there are certain guidelines you can follow when it comes to using your vehicle. Always wear a seatbelt, as this keeps you in place versus being forced against the side of the vehicle or dashboard upon impact. Children under the age of twelve should only ride in the back seat. Use a car seat that is proper for your child’s weight and height. Make sure children are properly secured in their seats at all times when the car is in motion. And lastly, keep seats positioned at least ten inches back from the airbag deployment compartment.

When Airbags Deploy

Airbags were designed to expand when the control sensor is triggered during the collision. Depending on the severity of the force, the control unit may or may not deploy. When the control unit is triggered, a signal is sent to an inflation mechanism, and a combination of chemicals causes a reaction, causing the airbag to inflate within a fraction of a second. Reasons for why someone may sustain an injury due to an airbag include:

  • Failing to deploy
  • Spontaneous inflation without an accident occurring
  • Allergic reaction to chemicals in the airbag
  • Improper securing of the car set and its airbag components
  • Being too close to the wheel or dashboard upon inflation
  • Too young of passengers in the front seat
  • The occupant was not restrained by a seatbelt
  • Poor manufacturing of the vehicle

To hear more about how an airbag accident attorney in Dekalb County, Georgia can help you after a recent accident, call The Law Offices Of Andrew Lynch today.