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Georgia Brain and Spinal Cord Attorney

If you are in a need of a Georgia Brain and Spinal Cord Injury Attorney, experience can make all the difference. Attorney Andrew Lynch is a Georgia Brain and Spinal Cord Attorney with experience litigating, trying, and receiving excellent result for his clients.

Attorney Andrew Lynch had the largest jury verdict for a Georgia Brain and Spinal Cord Injury case in the Federal Courts of Georgia in 2016.  Before consulting with Mr. Lynch, this client was unable to find legal representation for four years. Attorney Andrew Lynch litigated this client’s case until a jury awarded him $5,200,000.00.

Once injured, a person’s brain and spinal cord are some of the only parts of the body incapable of repairing themselves. If you have been in an accident or in any way suffered injuries to your central nervous system due to someone else’s negligence, then you may be able to recover significant damages. To evaluate your case be sure to contact a skilled Georgia Brain and Spinal Cord Injury Attorney.

Whether caused by an at fault driver in a car crash, a doctor’s medical malpractice, or an injury at a workplace accident, an injury to your central nervous system will almost always be as life changing as it is expensive.  Such an injury can lead to years of medical bills, countless sleepless nights of searing pain, lost jobs and even death. Personal injury lawsuits are designed to force the person or group responsible to compensate you for these severe costs. An experienced Georgia Brain and Spinal Cord Injury Attorney may be able to seek a financial recovery for your past and future legal damages.

To break down a legal case, under Georgia law every person or group has a duty of care to ensure that their actions do not lead to the harm of another. If they breach this duty for any reason, be it driving recklessly or not ensuring proper workplace safety conditions, then the law puts the burden of paying for any injuries caused onto them. This is especially true if the injuries are as severe as damage to central nervous system.

Damage to the brain and spinal cord varies in degrees of severity. On one end of the spectrum you will find nothing but aches and pain, but on the other end can be permanent paralysis or death. In the event an injury to the brain or spinal cord has caused death, and there is a party at fault, then the family of the victim may file a wrongful death lawsuit to cover the medical expenses and funeral costs of your lost loved one. In many cases, the courts will also award a grieving family financial compensation for their pain and suffering.  Though such compensation could not replace lost family members, it is important to hold those whose carelessness led to the untimely death of your family member accountable for their actions.  An experienced Georgia Brain and Spinal Cord Injury Attorney will help a grieving family earn the highest statistical chance at a quality legal result.

If you or someone you love has suffered from a brain or spinal cord injury, make sure to consult with a skilled Georgia Brain and Spinal Cord Attorney prior to moving forward with your lawsuit or claim. You deserve excellent legal representation. Call Decatur, and DeKalb County attorney Andrew Lynch for a free consultation. Find out if you have a case to seek compensation for you or your family member’s brain or spinal cord injuries immediately. A skilled Georgia Brain and Spinal Cord Injury Attorney will make all the difference in your legal case.