A motorcycle accident can occur at any moment, no matter how cautious you are being.  If you are suffering from an injury sustained in a motorcycle accident contact us today.  At The Law Offices Of Andrew Lynch we cannot promise you an outcome or predict the future, but if an outcome is possible we will work with you to make it a reality.

You need an attorney who will focus on protecting your rights and maximizing the amount of monetary compensation in your case while you focus on healing.  At The Law Offices Of Andrew Lynch our job is to look out for your interests and fight to get you full monetary value for your injuries.

100,000 motorcyclists died in motorcycle accidents since 1966.  Motorcyclists are more at risk due to lack of visibility to other motorists, absence of seat belts and outside protection.  Additionally, the injuries a motorcycle rider receives in motorcycle accidents are generally much more severe than those from regular vehicular accidents.

Motorcycle accidents can result in serious injuries and even death. If a recent motorcycle accident has affected your quality of life, or if one of your loved ones has been severely injured or killed in a motorcycle accident, you need to consult a motorcycle accident lawyer now.

What if my motorcycle accident was not my fault?

As a biker, you are already aware of the dangers on the road and so likely you are a cautious and responsible rider. But what about the other drivers? If you have been injured in an accident that a negligent or careless driver caused then you have the right to be compensated for your damages. However, insurance companies are all about their bottom dollar and maximizing profits. If they deny your accident claim, are you powerless to change the outcome? Not necessarily. An experienced Decatur, Georgia motorcycle accident attorney may be able to help you recover your damages. When appropriate, a Decatur motorcycle accident attorney can also help you to file a personal injury suit against the parties responsible for the harm you suffered as a result of your collision.

What are considered damages?

Damages are the losses suffered by the victim as a result of the accident and which can be recovered with the help of their Decatur motorcycle accident attorney. Examples are medical treatment costs, the cost to repair or replace the motorcycle, pain, and suffering, loss of income, etc.

What is liability?

In the context of a motorcycle accident, liability is the legal obligation of an at-fault driver and/or other at-fault entity to compensate the victim for their losses associated with the accident. One of the first things our motorcycle accident lawyer will do is determine who is liable for their client’s damages.

How does a Decatur motorcycle accident attorney prove liability?

Methods used in order to prove liability will vary based on the circumstances of the motorcycle accident. Some cases are more straightforward than others. For instance, if there were several reliable witnesses, video footage of the accident, and the at-fault driver admits liability then it will be difficult for the insurance company to deny the claim. (They very possibly might refuse to pay the victim a fair settlement if they do not have a lawyer, but that’s another issue.) However, most accidents are not that easy when it comes to proving liability. A Decatur motorcycle accident attorney may do any or all of the following as necessary in order to prove their client is not responsible for paying their own damages:

  •         Include the findings of a forensic accident investigator which will include documentation about how the accident happened and who caused it.
  •         Include eyewitness videos, traffic camera video footage, photos taken on scene by the victim or others.
  •         Include medical diagnostic information by the responding physician and other medical experts.
  •         Include information from the police report of the accident.

What is a settlement?

A settlement is a compensation package paid to the motorcycle victim if the case does not go to trial. Oftentimes, settlement negotiations are preferable to trial judgments, because victims gain access to the compensation they need without having to navigate the stresses of a trial. But whether your case would be better served by settling or going to trial, the Law Offices of Andrew Lynch are here to help ensure that you receive the maximum amount of compensation available under your unique set of circumstances. We look forward to working with you.  

The person who caused the accident can be held financially responsible for your injuries, your medical bills, loss of wages, and even permanent disability caused by the accident.

No matter how clear liability appears to be, the driver of the other vehicle and his insurance carrier often dispute that they are responsible. This can be especially true in motorcycle cases where the blame is often shifted to the motorcycle rider no matter how cautious and law-abiding the rider has been. Because of this, in certain cases, we hire engineering experts who recreate the accident using technology to demonstrate how the accident or collision actually occurred.

Even in cases that are not complicated, the insurance carrier will often refuse to negotiate reasonably with you, believing that they can force you to settle for less than your case is worth.

At The Law Offices Of Andrew Lynch, we believe your case should be prepared for trial.  Mr. Lynch prepares your case for trial so that you can explore every outcome and make the choice that is right for you. We have found that putting this hard work into your case puts us in position to get you the best outcome possible.

We cannot promise you an outcome or predict the future, but if an outcome is possible we will work with you to make it a reality.  If you or someone you know is injured in an accident involving a motorcycle, it is important that you seek an attorney as soon as possible.

Contact the Decatur, Georgia law office of The Law Offices Of Andrew Lynch for a free consultation today.

Injuries From a Motorcycle Accident

As your trusted Georgia motorcycle accident lawyer understands, motorcycle accidents can result in a wide range of injuries due to the inherent lack of protection offered by motorcycles compared to enclosed vehicles. Exposure to the open environment and the high speeds involved can lead to severe and sometimes life-changing injuries. These injuries can be categorized into several types, each with its own implications for recovery and long-term health. When you need help following your accident, contact the trusted lawyers at The Law Offices Of Andrew Lynch.

  1. Head and Brain Injuries: Head injuries are among the most serious consequences of motorcycle accidents. Traumatic brain injuries (TBIs) can range from concussions to more severe injuries like skull fractures and intracranial hemorrhages. Even if a helmet is worn, the impact can still transmit significant force to the head, potentially causing cognitive, sensory, and motor impairments. Helmets play a crucial role in reducing the risk of severe head injuries.
  2. Spinal Cord Injuries: The impact from a motorcycle accident can lead to spinal cord injuries, which can result in partial or complete paralysis. Injuries to the spinal cord can impact motor functions, sensation, and bodily functions below the site of injury. These injuries often require extensive medical intervention, rehabilitation, and adaptive equipment to manage the resulting disabilities.
  3. Orthopedic Injuries: Broken bones, fractures, dislocations, and joint injuries are common in motorcycle accidents due to the impact forces involved. Riders often suffer injuries to limbs, such as arms, legs, and shoulders. These injuries can be complex, requiring surgeries, physical therapy, and sometimes long-term treatment to restore mobility and functionality.
  4. Road Rash and Soft Tissue Injuries: Your Georgia motorcycle accident lawyer understands that motorcycle accidents can cause riders to be thrown from their bikes, resulting in friction injuries known as road rash. These injuries occur when the skin comes into contact with the pavement, causing abrasions and cuts. While road rash may seem relatively minor, it can lead to infections, scarring, and complications if not properly treated.
  5. Internal Injuries: The force of impact in a motorcycle accident can also cause internal injuries that might not be immediately apparent. These injuries can include damage to organs like the liver, spleen, or kidneys. Internal bleeding and damage to vital organs can be life-threatening and require immediate medical attention.
  6. Facial Injuries: Facial injuries are common due to the lack of protection for the head and face. These injuries can range from cuts and bruises to fractures of the facial bones. Severe facial injuries can require reconstructive surgery to restore appearance and functionality.
  7. Psychological and Emotional Trauma: Beyond physical injuries, motorcycle accidents can also lead to psychological and emotional trauma. Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), anxiety, and depression are not uncommon among accident survivors. The psychological impact can hinder recovery and necessitate mental health support.
  8. Amputations: Severe accidents can result in crushed or severely damaged limbs that may require amputation. Losing a limb has profound physical and emotional implications, necessitating prosthetic devices, rehabilitation, and adjustments to daily life.

The aftermath of a motorcycle accident is often physically, emotionally, and financially challenging. Recovery can be a lengthy and costly process, involving medical treatment, rehabilitation, therapy, and potentially even legal action to secure compensation for damages. Preventative measures, such as wearing appropriate safety gear, obeying traffic rules, and staying vigilant on the road, can go a long way in reducing the risk of these injuries and ensuring the safety of motorcycle riders. When you need to file a claim, reach out to The Law Offices Of Andrew Lynch to speak with our Georgia motorcycle accident lawyer for help.