blind spot accident atlanta attorney

Have you been in an accident and you need a personal injury lawyer.  Any accident on the road can have devastating consequences for those involved, but in blind spot accidents determining who is at fault can often be a difficult task. If you have been in a blind spot accident, you need the assistance of personal injury lawyer Andrew Lynch.

Though all vehicles have blind spots, blind spot accidents often occur with large tractor trailers. The size of these trucks leaves large areas in the back and on the sides barely visible to the driver. Most drivers of tractor trailers are trained to check these spots for small cars as best they can, but in a situation where the driver is being careless or another driver is cruising to close to the truck, major accidents can occur.

Blind spot accidents are not only an issue for tractor trailers though. Any person on the road who isn’t paying attention, or who has a person cruising in their blind spot, can have an accident when they change lanes. In all of these cases, finding who is at fault can be difficult. In many situations, a court will find both the person who was cruising in another driver’s blind spot and that driver liable. This is why you need a skilled attorney to represent you in blind spot accident litigation. Personal injury lawyer Andrew Lynch will be able to demonstrate the facts, and can avoid you getting blamed for someone else not checking their blind spots, or for someone else negligently cruising in your blind spot.

Call Decatur personal injury lawyer Andrew Lynch as soon after your accident as you can for a free consultation, so that he can begin to put together an effective case for you.