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Receive the Help You Need After a Vehicular Accident

Andrew R. Lynch is a vehicular accident lawyer Decatur GA residents have turned to with confidence for years. When you’ve suffered damages as a result of another driver’s negligence, contact our office for a free consultation.

A Decatur vehicular accident lawyer may represent you against uncooperative insurance companies and other at-fault parties. As a victim who has suffered a personal injury, you might have to pay substantial amounts of money for medical care and other costs associated with the accident. You have the legal right to request financial recourse from those responsible. Let Andrew R. Lynch help you receive what you may be entitled to — maximum compensation for your injuries.

Recover Your Damages in Decatur

If the other driver’s negligence caused your vehicular accident, you may qualify for compensation for your damages. As an experienced vehicular accident lawyer in Decatur GA, Andrew R. Lynch may identify all the damages to which you can claim for reimbursement. They may include any of the following:

  • Medical costs. Maintain a detailed record of your accident related medical costs. Common injuries in car accidents include fractures, broken bones, soft tissue injuries, trauma, and bruises.
  • Loss of wages. When you are unable to return to your job because of injuries suffered in the accident, you can claim that lost income.
  • Property damage. If your vehicle is dented or even completely totaled, you may claim the repairs or replacement cost on your list of damages.
  • Loss of enjoyment. It’s not unusual for an accident victim to experience post-traumatic stress disorder in similar situations. Even stepping into a parked car can be traumatic and make driving again impossible or extremely difficult. This is a type of damage for which it’s difficult to ascertain a dollar amount. As a vehicular accident lawyer Decatur GA drivers turn to for guidance, Andrew may help quantify your loss of enjoyment if applicable.

Collecting Evidence at the Scene of the Accident

This will vary depending on the circumstances of the accident, as a car accident lawyer Dekalb County GA victims trust will probably tell you. However, as a general rule, it’s common for the following types of evidence to be collected by a plaintiff’s legal team:

  1. Witness testimony. This can include passengers and drivers of vehicles concerned, pedestrians, and other motorists.
  2. Photos and video of accident scene. Though one or more witnesses may also be able to provide photos and video, the accident scene investigator for your attorney may take their own photos after the accident. This type of visual evidence can show the placement of signal lights, signs, curbs, etc.
  3. Medical records. Medical documentation about your injury could be invaluable for your case. A vehicular accident lawyer Decatur GA community members turn to for legal representation would likely want your full medical history as it relates to your injuries.
  4. Police report of the accident. Be sure to call the police while still at the accident scene. It’s important to explain to the officer how the accident occurred from your perspective.

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Talk to Andrew at the office of The Law Offices Of Andrew Lynch for an honest assessment of your case at no charge. If he agrees to represent you in a vehicle accident claim or lawsuit, you will not have to pay him until he negotiates a settlement or wins your lawsuit. To make an appointment for a free consultation with a vehicular accident lawyer Decatur GA offers, call us today.

Help When You Were a Passenger in an Accident

If you were a passenger involved in a vehicle accident in Georgia, A Georgia vehicular accident lawyer knows that it’s essential to take certain steps to protect your rights and ensure you receive the compensation you may be entitled to for your injuries and damages. Being a passenger in an accident may seem overwhelming, but with the help of a lawyer from The Law Offices Of Andrew Lynch, they can help you navigate the situation effectively.

Seek Medical Attention

Your health and safety should be the top priority after an accident. If you sustained any injuries, no matter how minor they may seem, seek immediate medical attention. Even injuries with delayed symptoms can be serious. Getting medical treatment promptly will also create a record of your injuries, which can be crucial for your insurance claim or any legal actions that follow.

Document the Accident Scene

If you are physically able to do so, document the accident scene. Take photos and videos of the vehicles involved, the damages, the road conditions, traffic signs, and any visible injuries. This evidence can help establish the circumstances of the accident and may prove useful later in the claims process or during legal proceedings.

Exchange Information 

Obtain the contact information (names, addresses, phone numbers) of all parties involved in the accident, including the drivers of the vehicles and any witnesses. Additionally, collect the insurance information and vehicle details of the drivers. This information will be crucial when filing an insurance claim or pursuing a legal case.

Report the Accident

Your Georgia vehicular accident lawyer knows that you should report the accident to law enforcement and make sure an official police report is filed. This report can provide an objective account of the accident and its cause, which can be valuable for your insurance claim or any legal proceedings. Inform your own insurance company about the accident as soon as possible. Cooperate with them and provide accurate information about the incident. Also, notify the insurance company of the vehicle you were in as a passenger. 

Preserve Evidence 

Keep all documents related to the accident, such as medical reports, bills, repair estimates, and correspondence with insurance companies. Organizing and preserving evidence will help you build a strong case and support your claims for compensation.

Be Cautious with Statements 

Be careful with what you say to insurance adjusters or representatives from other parties involved in the accident. Avoid admitting fault or accepting blame. Stick to the facts and avoid making any formal statements without first consulting with your attorney.

Get Legal Help For Your Vehicle Accident Claim

Being a passenger in a vehicle accident in Georgia can be a distressing experience, but knowing what steps to take can help protect your rights and facilitate the process of seeking compensation for your injuries and damages. Promptly seeking medical attention, documenting the scene, exchanging information, reporting the accident, notifying insurance companies, preserving evidence, and consulting with a lawyer are all crucial steps in ensuring a smoother recovery and potential compensation for your losses. When you are ready for help with your claim, reach out to The Law Offices Of Andrew Lynch to speak with our Georgia vehicular accident lawyer.