umbrella policy litigation

When dealing with an insurance company you  need a personal injury lawyer.  When making an insurance claim, expect the insurance company to attempt to give you the least they can get away with despite the extent of the coverage you pay for. If you are making an Umbrella Policy insurance claim, it’s important to have a skilled and experienced personal injury lawyer like Andrew Lynch on your side to insure you receive every dime that you deserve.  An umbrella policy is a policy in addition to the underlying general liability policy.  It is usually involved when the at fault party has assets to protect.  A personal injury lawyer will want to know all of the insurance available for your claim to pursue the best outcome.

Umbrella insurance is extended liability insurance that can be purchased from most insurance providers. This extra insurance is designed to help when damages that need to be covered are significantly more expensive than regular liability insurance will pay for, such as in a multiple car accident. Umbrella insurance also helps to pay for the costs of litigation when being sued for things such as negligence or even slander or libel.

However, insurance companies are in the business to make money, not give it. Regardless of how much you pay for your umbrella policy insurance, when it comes time to pay up the insurance companies will attempt to give you the least amount that they can get away with. This is why you need a skilled attorney, because when these companies have to negotiate with personal injury lawyer Andrew Lynch, they know they won’t get away with paying you the least.

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