H.K. as father of J.K- $10,146,515.24 Judgment

H.K.’s family moved to DeKalb County from Syria. His nine-year-old son was getting onto a school bus when a drunk driver fleeing other accidents jumped the curb and struck J.K. J.K. suffered numerous broken bones and a traumatic brain injury.

H.K. hired Andrew to help his family. It took years, but Andrew was able to get a DeKalb County court to award H.K. $8,146,515.24 for J.K. past and future legal damages. The Court also added $2,000,000 in punitive damages to punish the Defendant for his drunk driving. The total judgment of the court was for $10,146,515.24.

An insurance company failed to pay Andrew’s pre-lawsuit demand to settle.  Andrew eventually sued the insurance company directly for failure to pay his client’s demand.  Andrew’s clients were awarded $7,000,000 in an out of court settlement.  This settlement was the equivalent of 280 times the actual insurance in the case!

J.R. $5,300,000 Trial Verdict

J.R.’s case was the highest personal injury verdict in the Federal Courts of Georgia for 2017.

J.R. was living in an apartment complex in Dekalb County.  Late one night while celebrating his girlfriend’s birthday, J.R. became intoxicated and fell into the guardrail of his apartment.  The guardrail gave way and J.R. fell three stories to the ground.

J.R. suffered a permanent spinal cord injury and is currently receiving ongoing care. J.R. hired Andrew, and Andrew was able to retain experts who discovered that J.R.s’ guardrail was improperly built and should have been fixed by his apartment complex’s management.

After years of work, a federal jury held the apartment complex responsible for J.R.’s catastrophic and permanent injuries.  J.R. won the largest personal injury jury verdict in the Federal Courts of Georgia for 2017 at $5,300,000.

Andrews’ clients were attacked by a criminal assailant who was known by their condominium complex.  The complex had a responsibility to warn their residents and guests of this known criminal assailant; they failed to do so.  All of the available multi-million insurance policy the complex had was turned over to avoid trial. Andrews’ two clients, who were also best friends, split a $3,400,000 settlement.

D.S. was on his way out to coach kid’s baseball when an intoxicated river rear-ended him at over 50 mph.  The responsible insurance carrier did not want to pay full value for D.S.’s injuries.   D.S. went to trial and won, nearly three times his pretrial offer.

C.C. was on his way out for his morning cup of coffee when a tractor-trailer clipped the rear end of his sedan and left the scene of the accident.  After a lawsuit was filed, Andrew was able to have former employees of the at-fault trucking company document serious allegations of the tractor-trailer drivers potential drug use.  C.C. was able to resolve his case without a trial for far more than he had ever hoped for.

M.A. $1,835,000 Settlement

M.A. stopped at the wrong gas station at the wrong time.  M.A. was shot in the stomach by a drug dealer.  M.A. hired Andrew.  Andrew’s investigation revealed the gas station had a long history of violent crime and had failed to protect their customers from this known hazard and because of their failure M.A. was shot.  M.A. was able to resolve the case without going to trial.

D.A. stopped at the wrong gas station at the wrong time.  The same gas station as M.A. stopped at. D.A. was shot in the but by a drug dealer.  D.A. hired Andrew.  Andrew’s investigation revealed the gas station had a long history of violent crime and had failed to protect their customers from this known hazard and because of their failure D.A. was shot.  D.A. was able to resolve the case without going to trial.

B.W. was on his way home from work when a commercial truck failed to yield and struck B.W.’s vehicle into the wall of I-20 East.  B.W. initially contacted Andrew because the insurance company was being less than fair on his car repair claim.

Andrew worked diligently on his case and after documenting a reckless history with the trucking company and their drivers, was able to settle out of court for $600,000.

P.F. was living in Atlanta and decided to go with friends to a club in East Point, Georgia.  P.F.’s friends were being harassed by employees of the club, and P.F. tried to defuse the situation.  In response, the club’s employees attacked P.F. without legal justification.

P.F. suffered a permanent eye injury from the attack. P.F.’s mother immediately contacted The Law Offices Of Andrew Lynch and a lawsuit was filed against the owner of the club.  After a judge in Clayton County State Court heard the facts about P.F.’s injury, he entered a judgment against the club and the owner for $980,000.00.

G.F. was a passenger in a Ride Share vehicle scheduled through a commonly known app.  In short, the Ride Share Company’s driver was negligent and wrecked causing G.F. serious injuries and broken bones.  Andrew was able to get a prompt settlement for G.F.

B.F. was a teenager without any options when she first spoke to Andrew.   B.F. had suffered a traumatic brain injury in DeKalb County. She was taken to Grady Hospital where she slipped into a coma and awakened in Atlanta’s Shepherd Center where she endured in-patient rehabilitation for months.  Upon leaving the Shepherd Center, B.F. had to deal with the DeKalb County Police Department’s error filled investigation that said she was the driver of the car that caused the car wreck and brain injury.

Immediately upon hiring The Law Offices Of Andrew Lynch, an investigation was initiated. The investigation proved that B.F. was not the driver, but another young woman who lived in Decatur, Georgia. Andrew presented his case to the only insurance company involved, requesting the full $25,000.00 insurance policy for B.F.’s extensive injuries.  The insurance company refused to meet Andrew’s demand.

A lawsuit was immediately filed in DeKalb County State Court.  After the court process concluded, the insurance company had no choice but to admit that B.F. was not the driver and they had acted in bad faith (meaning they should have paid B.F. the $25,000.00 as requested).  B.F. received a $300,000.00 settlement.   B.F. used this money to buy a house in Decatur for her and her young son.

L.L. was walking through a major department store.  Upon exiting the store’s restroom, L.L. slipped on a puddle of water coming from a broken water fountain. L.L.’s slip permanently injured her back.

Prior to contacting Andrew, L.L. requested help with her medical bills from the department stop but to no avail.  A friend of L.L. told her to come to Andrew for help.

Andrew took on L.L.’s serious back injury case and was able to have L.L.’s reconstructive surgery on her back completed prior to L.L.’s settlement, and her rehabilitation medical costs delayed until the case was resolved.

During the lawsuit, Andrew discovered key video evidence and gained admissions from store employees of their negligent behavior on the day of L.L.’s accident.  The Law Offices Of Andrew Lynch’s hard work led to the department store agreeing to pay $600,000.00 to L.L.

G.P. was shopping at a large Fortune 500 department store.  After finishing her shopping, she left the store and tripped in the parking lot over an inadequately repaired drainpipe.

Although G.P. thought all was fine, she reported her fall to the store.  As months passed it became apparent that the fall had damaged her previously surgically corrected back.  G.P. had to undergo more surgery to fix her back.

She thought could handle her claim on her own as she only wanted her medical bills covered by the responsible department store.  The Defendant offered G.P., just days before the statute of limitations expired, $50,000 to just go away. G.P. called Andrew to discuss accepting this offer.  Andrew took her case and within a matter of months the case resolved for $600,000 and $80,000 in gift cards.

K.G. was involved in a car wreck. While her minivan was being repair, she rented a vehicle.  Several delays led to her extending her rental time, but once her car was repaired, K.G. returned the vehicle. Somehow, the vehicle was not recorded as returned.  Many weeks later the vehicle was reported stolen by the rental company. K.G. was later on arrested and jailed for 24 hours. The rental company soon learned the rental was in fact returned weeks before they reported it stolen.

Andrew decided to pursue a lawsuit against the rental company.  Twelve months later K.G. was awarded $235,000 for the error of the business.

M.B. was driving down a country road on the west side of metro Atlanta when a delivery food driver ran a stop sign and drove him off the road.  M.B. wrecked into a tree but thought he would be okay once the shock of the wreck wore off. Within days of the wreck, M.B. noticed his previously surgically repaired right knee was not okay.

M.B. followed up with his orthopedic surgeon where he found out the wreck broke his artificial knee and dislodged the screw that was working as his knee’s hinge.  M.B. worked with the other driver’s insurance company to have the medical bills the wreck had caused paid for, without an attorney. However, the insurance company refused to admit they should pay anything.

M.B. hired The Law Offices Of Andrew Lynch Andrew was able to get M.B. $100,000.00, which was the full insurance limits available. With more work, Andrew was also able to find an insurance policy M.B.’s wife had paid for that provided M.B. with another $60,000.00 in recovery damages. M.B.’s total recovery for his case was $160,000.00

S.E. was driving in the city of Brookhaven, Georgia when a truck collided into her and fled the scene.  The at-fault driver was eventually tracked down through a combination of police work, surveillance footage, and witness statements.

While S.E. treated with her orthopedic doctor, she hired Andrew.  After a thorough investigation, Andrew was able to document that the truck’s driver had a history of DUI, was on probation for DUI, and was previously convicted of criminally destroying evidence.   The at fault driver’s insurance company quickly tendered the policy limits of $100,000 to S.E.

Githieya v. GTL, $67,000,000 – Nationwide Class Action – Consumer Fraud, Northern District of Georgia

Andrew in 2014 was contacted by a Client who had $25 in prepaid monies taken by GTL and converted to revenue because his family members incarcerated in prison had not contacted him to use the prepaid calling funds.  

Andrew investigated the case and learned the problem was far bigger than one client.  Andrew and many other lawyers recruited to the case by Andrew, all working together initiated litigation in the Federal Courts.  It took seven years, and had more twists and turns then most cases, but eventually a nationwide class of approximately 11 million people were approved in the Federal Courts.  Andrew was able to obtain an incredible recovery and put a stop to GTL practice of converting their client’s monies to revenue.

R.S. was rear ended by a large F-250 while waiting at a red light.  Eventually R.S. needed surgery to correct his injuries. Prior to R.S. having an attorney, the insurance company offered him $15,000.

Andrew was eventually hired and was able to document the defendant driver was under the influence of Methadone at the time of the accident that caused R.S.’s injuries.  All insurance was turned over to R.S. to avoid a trial.

C.N. was a passenger in her sister’s car when they were side swiped by a tractor not carrying a trailer.  The other driver did not stop. Either they didn’t notice the wreck or were trying to avoid it altogether.

C.N. did not have health insurance.  Andrew was able to get her the car she needed for her hand injury and resolve the case for the exact number the client said she was hoping for – $45,000.

While on the way to visit a family member in a nursing in Decatur, Georgia, B.G. was rear-ended by a commercial repair truck while waiting to turn left.

At the time of the wreck, B.G. thought he was okay. However, after the wreck, B.G. suffered severe headaches and pain.  B.G. hired Andrew R. Lynch, P.C. to pursue a case against the repair truck.

Andrew R. Lynch was able to recover B.G.’s medical bills and get him a total settlement of $27,000.00.

M.J. was involved in a big collision accident outside of the state of Georgia with a Georgia resident.  The Defendant had been drinking and struck the car M.J. was riding inside of. This collision sent the car into a concrete wall causing a serious head and back injury for M.J.

Andrew immediately went to work on this case and dealings with the at-fault insurance company.  The insurance company tried to maintain that Tennessee law and not Georgia law covered the claim and that they did not have to cooperate with Andrew’s investigation of the claim.   In short order, Andrew was able to show that Georgia law applied.

Using the Georgia Bad Faith in adjusting insurance claims laws, Andrew was able to get M.J. a policy limit settlement within weeks for $100,000.00.  In addition, Andrew was able to recover $20,000.00 for M.J. from a family member’s underinsured motorist coverage policy.

G.F. was driving to work on Georgia Highway 400 when a large semi-truck, for no apparent reason, pulled into his lane and accelerated into the rear of G.F.’s car.  G.F.’s vehicle was totaled, but G.F. made it through the wreck in one piece. G.F. was seen immediately at a local emergency room and sent home.

After receiving follow up care from his local doctor in Lithonia, Georgia, G.F. was focused on returning to work and letting his personal injury case run its course.  G.F. immediately filed suit in DeKalb County State Court. As the case neared trial, the truck driver’s insurance company contacted The Law Offices Of Andrew Lynch and asked to settle the case.  G.F. was able to recover $26,000.00 while focusing on getting back to work and taking care of his family.

S.P. was a passenger in a car when a drunk driver struck him and left him on the side of Interstate 20 in DeKalb County.

Not knowing who wrecked into him, or remembering much about the details of his case, he contacted The Law Offices Of Andrew Lynch

After an aggressive investigation, The Law Offices Of Andrew Lynch was able to prove who the driver of the car was and establish to his insurance company that they needed to turn over every dollar of the $25,000.00 insurance money to S.P. without the cost of going to court.

M.S. was moving out of his apartment in Decatur when a car struck him in the parking lot of his home and slammed him to the pavement.

M.S. was immediately sent to Atlanta Medical Center and was facing $17,000.00 in medical bills without insurance.

The Law Offices Of Andrew Lynch was able to force the insurance to pay their entire $30,000.00 policy limits to prevent M.S. from suing the person who hit him for punitive damages (damages to punish the other driver for their reckless behavior).  Better news for M.S., The Law Offices Of Andrew Lynch was able to get the hospital to reduce their bills over $10,000.00, allowing M.S. to keep most of his personal injury settlement.

Teenage sister’s R.F. and T.F. were visiting DeKalb County from Austin, Texas.  While driving on Memorial Drive in Decatur, Georgia, a car ran through a red light and struck their vehicle.

The driver of the other car was immediately seen displaying the characteristics of a drunk driver.  The DeKalb County Police arrived and found the other driver at fault but did not charge him with DUI.

The sisters hired The Law Offices Of Andrew Lynch prior to going back home to Texas.  Andrew used to work in the DeKalb County Courthouse and knew where to look for the other driver’s prior DUI records. Andrew also knew how to establish that this driver was in fact drunk driving when he hit his clients’ car.

The insurance company, realizing that their case involved a DUI even without the police charging their client with DUI, settled with the sisters for a total of $84,000.00, which covered their college tuition in Texas.

B.L. lives in Decatur, Georgia in a part of town where crime is common. B.L. contacted Andrew to help get out of his lease with an apartment complex that was failing to provide security guards, make repairs to the entrance gates, and fix broken security cameras.  B.L. had just been a victim of an armed robbery and battery case in the parking lot outside of his apartment.

After talking to Andrew, B.F. learned he had a premises liability case and that his apartment complex had a duty to provide him a safe home.

The Law Offices Of Andrew Lynch immediately filed suit in DeKalb County against the apartment complex.   B.F. recovered $28,000.00.

C.M. was turning right on Highway 78 in Stone Mountain, Georgia when two cars racing each other crested the hill and plowed into his Ford Explorer, sending his car rolling.  C.M. needed the “jaws of life” to be removed from the vehicle.

C.M. hired Andrew R., Lynch, P.C. and went to court against the racecar driver and State Farm Insurance.  State Farm correctly pointed out C.M. was cited by the DeKalb County Police for improper right-hand turn and refused to pay any money to C.M.

Andrew R Lynch, P.C. refused to accept this result.  C.M. went to trial and after C.M.’s jury heard from an independent witness The Law Offices Of Andrew Lynch’s investigation found, they returned a verdict in his client’s favor for $17,000.00.

E.K. was shopping at a major department store here in DeKalb County.  A store employee had left a box in the aisle, which E.K. tripped over while shopping.  E.K. tripped over the box and broke her arm.

E.K. hired The Law Offices Of Andrew Lynch to pursue her medical bills.  Once the department store learned E.K. had hired Andrew, they made clear they wanted to settle the case and rook responsibility for E.K.’s injuries.  E.K. received $21,000.00 and gift cards to the department store.

H.M. was driving her grandson home from school when another driver pulled out and T-boned her. H.M. suffered a torn shoulder from the wreck. H.M.’s son referred her to The Law Offices Of Andrew Lynch

Andrew was able to get the insurance of the at-fault driver to pay H.M. $25,000.00 without filing suit.  Immediately after this, Andrew went after H.M.’s own insurance company for her underinsured motorist coverage.  Andrew was able to get H.M. an additional $24,000.00 for H.M. Andrew was able to recover a total of $49,000.00 for H.M.

C.W., a Stone Mountain resident, was driving in Lilburn, Gwinnett County, when another car struck her. This collision caused her air bags to explode and a minor burn to her arm.  A friend who had used The Law Offices Of Andrew Lynch in the past referred C.W. to him.

Andrew was able to recover $14,000.00 for C.W. based on the severity of her burn.

R.P.’s mother was physically dropped when being transferred from a medical transport into her home. R.P. simply wanted help covering her medical costs and rehabilitation.

After extensive discovery where the Defendant’s employees were caught in numerous lies, Andrew was able to secure a $300,000.00 pretrial settlement.