Bad Faith Insurance Litigation Attorney Georgia

As any bad faith insurance litigation attorney in Decatur, Georgia can tell you, insurance companies are not in business to pay you money.  They are in business to make money, and one way they do this is by not paying what they owe you. What you may not know, however, is that insurance companies have a duty under Georgia law to fairly adjust your claim.  Failure to fairly adjust your claim can result in the insurance company being liable for fines and they may be required to pay your attorney’s fees in addition to the amount they already owe you. Decatur, GA bad faith insurance litigation attorney, The Law Offices Of Andrew Lynch, can help you recover the money that you are owed.

The best time to call a bad faith insurance litigation attorney in Decatur, GA is right after the incident. Andrew Lynch can help you evaluate your potential insurance claim, determine what a fair adjustment should be, and help you make your case to the insurance company and, if necessary, to the court. If you do talk to an adjuster before consulting with an attorney, however, keep the following tips in mind.

How to Talk to Insurance Adjuster After an Accident

If you were hurt in an accident, the opposing party’s insurance adjuster will likely want to talk to you soon. They will want to talk about the specifics of the accident and have several questions to ask you. However, you should be very careful about what you say to them. No matter how friendly an insurance adjuster may seem, they are in the business of making money and may do whatever it takes to give you less compensation than you deserve.

Be Polite

It’s understandable that you are shaken up and upset about being in an accident. However, it’s important to be as polite as possible. Yelling at the insurance adjuster or saying rude remarks won’t improve your chances of getting compensated. If remain polite, it may do you some good.

Don’t Agree to Give Recorded Statements

When you speak to an insurance adjuster, they may ask your permission to record the conversation. Don’t agree to this. Knowing that you’re being recorded may cause you to become nervous and accidentally say the wrong things. You’re under no obligation to be recorded. Just tell the insurance adjuster that you’re not comfortable being recorded and leave it at that. Remember, it is always your safest option to consult with a qualified bad faith insurance litigation attorney in Decatur GA, like The Law Offices Of Andrew Lynch, before talking with an insurance adjuster about the incident.

Avoid Providing Too Much Personal Information

When talking to an insurance adjuster, you only have to provide your full name, phone number, and address. You’re not required to give information about the nature of your work, your income, or other personal information.

Don’t Give Details About the Accident

The insurance adjuster will ask you to provide a statement about the accident. Understand that you only have to tell the adjuster where, when, the type of accident that occurred and any witnesses involved. If they press you for more information, tell them that the investigation of the accident is continuing and that you don’t wish to provide further information at this time.

Don’t Discuss the Details of Your Injuries

During your conversation with the insurance adjuster, they will also be interested to know about your injuries. However, it is most likely far too soon to talk about your injuries. Your injury might not be obvious to you yet, or may turn out to be worse than you had originally thought.

Don’t Settle Early

Many insurance adjusters will try to get you to settle your case in the very beginning. However, their settlement offer will likely not be in your best interests. They may try to convince you to settle for a small amount to save themselves money. It may be tempting to accept a quick settlement, but you should resist the urge to do so. You should first speak to a bad faith insurance litigation attorney in Decatur, GA and find out the true value of your claim.

If you have already spoken to an insurance adjuster, or if you have already been made an offer for your injuries after an accident, do not worry. Regardless of what you have already said, you are still entitled to fair treatment under the law.

Call Decatur, GA bad faith litigation attorney, The Law Offices Of Andrew Lynch today to find out whether your insurance payout is fair and what you can do about it if it is.