An accident with a Recreational Vehicle (RV) can lead to disastrous property damage and personal injury, and if you have found yourself involved in an RV accident, you will quickly need the help of a skilled attorney such as Atlanta-area attorney Andrew Lynch.

RVs or campers can be a fun way to travel, saving money on hotels and allowing home to follow you wherever you find yourself. However, the state of Georgia does not require a special driver’s license for operators of an RV, and some RVs or campers can be the size of a small bus. This can create many dangerous situations with inexperienced and ill equipped drivers behind the wheels of a vehicle that can destroy any small car and cause severe injury to any person that they may hit. The same applies to campers which are mounted onto the back of cars and are easy to lose control of if a driver is not careful. RVs are also often equipped with music systems, televisions, and filled with people, creating a dangerously distracting environment.

In Georgia, all passengers of an RV are required to wear a seatbelt due to the high risk of such a vehicle, and no passengers are allowed to ride in a rear-hitched camper. Yet these laws are often disregarded, adding significantly to the already present danger for all passengers and further distracting the driver.

When a driver gets behind the wheel, whether it be an RV or a car with a camper in tow, they assume a responsibility to drive carefully and competently, and passengers are expected to remain in their seats, with seatbelts on. If anyone fails in their responsibility and harm another person on the road, in their vehicle, or cause damage to property, then they are the ones who have to pay for the damage that they cause. An accident with such a large vehicle can cause hundreds of thousands of dollars in medical bills, lost wages, pain and suffering, and can even take a life. Under Georgia law, these bills are not the victim’s obligation, but rather fall onto the person whose carelessness and negligence has been their cause.

In order to recover these damages in an RV accident, you need the experience of Atlanta, Decatur attorney Andrew Lynch on your side to make sure you have the absolute best representation. Personal injury litigation is a long and painful process, and there is no reason to add it to the burdens you already have to bear after an accident. Call attorney Andrew Lynch for a free consultation, and rest easy with your case in his hands.