False Claims Act and Whistleblower Attorney Decatur GA

If you find that the company you are working for is engaged in fraud, the right thing to do is to report it. We all know this, but most people who are put in a situation where they are aware of corruption or fraud frequently do not report it out of fear of losing their jobs. However, the law is on your side when you expose illegal activity in a company, or “blow the whistle”. With a skilled lawyer such as Atlanta Area attorney Andrew Lynch by your side, you can expose corruption without putting your career on the line, and can even be compensated substantially.

The Federal False Claims Act requires any person or company who knowingly takes money from the government based on a fraudulent claim to pay back that money along with a hefty fine. Since it can be practically impossible for someone on the outside of a company to spot such fraud, the False Claims Act also provides any “Whistleblowers” protection from being fired or otherwise retaliated against for stepping forward and exposing this fraud. To incentivize this stepping forward, the False Claims Act also provides any person who files a suit under the False Claims Act a portion of any amount of money recovered for the government in the suit.

The False Claims Act is not just about recovering money, it is about protecting the taxpayers from fraudulent organizations that steal tax dollars. Multiple states, including Georgia, have passed their own version of the law to protect citizens on the state level as well. These laws lean on the bravery of individuals to stand up when they see fraud and allow the Department of Justice to hold organizations who steal from the taxpayers accountable. This is why the law offers a potentially substantial reward to these brave individuals.

Suits under the false claims act are not easy, and they are not short. The process is complicated, and each case is different, which is why you need the experience of DeKalb County, Atlanta Attorney Andrew Lynch to ensure that you are on the path to success. If you have spotted fraud, and you are ready to stand up against it, call attorney Andrew Lynch immediately for a free consultation, and place your case in the right hands.

Imagine this: You have been working for your employer for several months and are just getting a good understanding of the business. You like your work, but the deeper you delve into the financial reports, the more you are concerned that your employer is not reporting all of its taxable income. Maybe you have taken your concerns to your manager or higher, but have not been able to convince anyone that what you see is a problem worth addressing. You are left wondering what you should do. The short answer is, consider blowing the whistle.

Whistleblowers are people who report the misconduct of businesses or individuals to the proper authorities. The types of misconduct reported include tax fraud, tax evasion, healthcare fraud, government contract fraud, SEC reporting violations, Ponzi schemes, and many others. Though the facts of each whistleblowing case are unique to the facts of the claim, each whistleblower has something in common: he or she is willing to take a personal risk to make sure that the misconduct they observed is investigated and stopped to protect the government and public.

If you are in a situation like this and are considering blowing the whistle, call a false claims act and whistleblower attorney in Decatur GA at The Law Offices Of Andrew Lynch, Attorney at Law today to set up an initial consultation. The attorneys at The Law Offices Of Andrew Lynch, Attorney at Law have significant experience representing whistleblowers in a wide variety of cases. They know the law that will apply to the misconduct you are reporting and will know how to use the protections in place under that law to make sure that you are exposed to as little risk as possible.

First, a Decatur GA false claims act and whistleblower attorney at The Law Offices Of Andrew Lynch, Attorney at Law can evaluate your case and help you determine if the misconduct is ripe for reporting. They can determine whether you have enough information to file a report and will give you advice regarding what type of report you should file.

Second, a Decatur GA false claims act and whistleblower attorney at The Law Offices Of Andrew Lynch, Attorney at Law can help you file your report. This may involve filing a civil lawsuit, such as in cases valid under the False Claims Act, or it may involve simply reporting the misconduct to an administrative body. Even if the reporting is purely administrative, the attorneys at The Law Offices Of Andrew Lynch, Attorney at Law can take the burden of reporting from your shoulders, helping you craft a report that conveys all the necessary information while keeping you as safe as possible.

Third, a Decatur GA false claims act and whistleblower attorney at The Law Offices Of Andrew Lynch, Attorney at Law is ready to represent you in the subsequent investigation which can test even the most determined whistleblower. We are ready to give you advice regarding how to protect your privacy and file any necessary lawsuits to ensure you get the protection to which you are entitled. They are also experienced with filing qui tam lawsuits under the False Claims Act and pursuing these cases to get the monetary compensation you deserve under the Act.

Finally, each Decatur GA false claims act and whistleblower attorney at The Law Offices Of Andrew Lynch, Attorney at Law is an experienced employment litigator and is ready to represent you in any lawsuit against your employer for wrongful termination or workplace retaliation associated with your whistleblowing activity.

These are just a few of the ways the attorneys at The Law Offices Of Andrew Lynch, Attorney at Law can help guide you through the whistleblowing process. Do not face this uncertain time alone. Call our office to meet with a false claims act and whistleblower attorney Decatur GA clients trust.

​​Whistleblowers: How a Lawyer Can Safeguard Your Interests

A Decatur, GA false claims act and whistleblower attorney knows that whistleblowers play a crucial role in uncovering wrongdoing and exposing fraud, corruption, or other illegal activities within organizations. However, blowing the whistle can expose you to various risks, including retaliation and potential legal consequences. Having a skilled lawyer from The Law Offices Of Andrew Lynch by your side can be instrumental in safeguarding your interests and ensuring your protection.

  1. Understanding Whistleblower Laws: A specialized whistleblower attorney is well-versed in the intricate web of whistleblower laws, including the False Claims Act, Dodd-Frank Act, Sarbanes-Oxley Act, and various other federal and state whistleblower protections. They can educate you on your rights and help you navigate the legal landscape.
  2. Confidentiality and Anonymity: A Decatur false claims act and whistleblower attorney can advise you on how to maintain confidentiality and, in certain cases, pursue anonymity during the reporting process. This can shield you from potential retaliation and protect your identity until a proper investigation takes place.
  3. Assessing the Validity of the Claim: An experienced lawyer can analyze the evidence you have and determine the strength of your claim. They will help you present a compelling case to authorities, increasing the likelihood of a successful investigation.
  4. Shielding Against Retaliation: One of the most significant risks whistleblowers face is retaliation from their employers or colleagues. A whistleblower attorney can take proactive steps to protect you against retaliation, including filing for legal remedies if it occurs.
  5. Advocating for Whistleblower Protection: Your lawyer can advocate for whistleblower protection throughout the process, ensuring that your rights are upheld and that you are not subject to any discriminatory actions.
  6. Assistance with Whistleblower Reports: A lawyer can help you draft a comprehensive and accurate report that complies with the necessary requirements and maximizes its impact.
  7. Negotiating Settlements and Awards: In some cases, whistleblowers may be eligible for financial rewards for their information. Your attorney can negotiate on your behalf to secure the maximum award possible.
  8. Shielding Your Employment Status: If you fear that your role as a whistleblower may jeopardize your employment, a lawyer can guide you on how to protect your job or negotiate a fair severance package if necessary.
  9. Representing You in Court: In situations where the whistleblower’s rights are violated, or retaliation occurs, your attorney can represent you in court and seek legal remedies to hold the responsible parties accountable.
  10. Ensuring Compliance with Whistleblower Protections: Your lawyer will ensure that your employer adheres to the various whistleblower protections in place, safeguarding your rights and preserving a fair work environment.
  11. Facilitating Communication with Authorities: A lawyer can facilitate communication with investigative agencies and ensure that your report is properly received and acted upon.
  12. Providing Emotional Support: Whistleblowing can be emotionally taxing. Your attorney can offer support and guidance throughout the process, helping you navigate the challenges and uncertainties that may arise.

Being a whistleblower can be a challenging and risky endeavor, but having a skilled lawyer on your side can significantly enhance your protection. From understanding whistleblower laws and preserving your anonymity to advocating for your rights and providing emotional support, a lawyer plays a crucial role in safeguarding your interests and ensuring justice prevails in cases of fraud and misconduct. For help, reach out to The Law Offices Of Andrew Lynch to speak with our Decatur false claims act and whistleblower attorney to see what we can do for you.