under insured motorist

If you have been in an accident with a driver who has not purchased any insurance, has allowed their insurance to expire, or has not purchased enough insurance to cover the damage they have caused, then you may have a huge fight ahead with your insurance company. In a situation like this, your underinsured motorist coverage should protect you from paying out of pocket, but when making such a claim with an insurance company, you need Atlanta-area attorney Andrew Lynch to insure that you receive every bit of money owed to you by your coverage.

In a sprawling city like Atlanta, we need our cars to get just about anywhere. When someone else causes an accident that damages your car, not only can you be left with thousands in repairs to pay, but also with no way to get to work or pick up your kids. That is why Georgia law requires all drivers to purchase minimum liability coverage to insure any damage or harm they may cause on the road is not forced onto the victim of the accident. However, despite this law there are still an unnerving amount of drivers on the road with either expired insurance or no insurance at all. Even if the driver has purchased minimum liability coverage, in major collisions this minimum coverage still may not be enough to pay for all damages. This can create a frustrating and costly situation for the victims of an accident.

Fortunately, Georgia law also requires insurance companies to offer underinsured motorist coverage. If you have purchased this coverage, then your insurance company is responsible to cover the damage done to your car when the person at fault cannot. Even if you do not think you have purchased this coverage, it is important to review your policy and be sure. In an accident with an underinsured driver, or in a hit and run, this coverage can save you an enormous amount of money.

Make no mistake though, the goal of the insurance companies is to give you as little as possible, regardless of how much is actually owed to you by the coverage you purchased. That is how they make their profit. Without an attorney at your side, you can expect the insurance company to attempt to short change you, and leave you to pay for a good bit of the damage on your own. That is why it is crucial to call DeKalb County, Atlanta-area attorney Andrew Lynch immediately after your accident to schedule a free consultation. Allow Andrew Lynch’s skill and experience to put you at ease in the hectic and stressful aftermath of being hit by an underinsured driver, and allow him to ensure that you receive the coverage you pay your insurance company for.