Wrongful Death Lawyer Decatur, GA

A Decatur wrongful death lawyer understands what hardship the death of a loved one can bring, and in what form this hardship can be. The right attorney is able to understand that when the negligent, reckless, or intentional actions of another individual causes the death of another person, usually an innocent party, the loved ones of that individual are compelled to navigate a uniquely complex grieving process and are sometimes left to pick up the pieces of that loss alone. In addition to processing the grief inherent in the event of losing a loved one, family and friends often struggle with deep anger, frustration and shock when processing the events that led up to their loved one’s death.

Depending on the circumstances surrounding the death of a loved one, there may be an intense increase of financial burdens that come about. Alongside the pain and frustration of a loss, this is a lot to deal with in the wake of losing someone that you love. For these reasons, another part of the grieving process may include filing a wrongful death and/or a survivorship action in civil court against the negligent party. Although these courses of action are not favorable for everyone, and while they may not be relevant to every case, holding the individuals and/or entities who were responsible for the death of a loved one accountable for their actions may help to provide some comfort and closure. It is one thing to be prepared for the loss of a loved one and expect the loss to come. However, losing someone you did not expect to lose and at the hands of another parties reckless actions is unacceptable  Perhaps most importantly, pursuing a wrongful death claim with a Decatur wrongful death lawyer prevents these events from occurring again. By pursuing a wrongful death claim these actions may help to ensure that no one else ever suffers again in the same way. And finally, your action could potentially lead to both economic and non-economic damage awards that allow loved ones to more easily navigate the financial stresses associated with losing someone who was uniquely precious. This will not entirely take the pain away, but it will ease the pain.

Wrongful Death Claims vs. Survivorship Actions

Wrongful death claims and survivorship actions are distinct actions. Wrongful death actions tend to focus more on the financial and emotional consequences that are the result from losing a loved one due to another’s preventable behavior. While on the other hand, survivorship actions center on the suffering that the deceased felt as a result of the accident that ultimately claimed his or her life. If damages are awarded in a survivorship action, they are granted to the estate of the deceased, rather than individual loved ones. Similarly, it is the estate of the deceased that generally files a survivorship action.

Survival actions are filed less frequently than wrongful death claims for a host of reasons, but this does not mean that they provide a less valuable legal avenue for loved ones eager to ensure that responsible parties are held accountable for their actions. Wrongful death lawsuits tend to cover the majority of these issues stemming from wrongful death claims so survivorship actions come far and few in between. After hearing about the specific circumstances surrounding your family’s situation, a Decatur wrongful death lawyer will be able to advise you in regards to which action you should take. This ultimately comes down to whether filing a wrongful death claim and/or survivorship action may benefit you and your remaining loved ones. Every legal situation is different and requires specific action from you and other involved parties in order to be successful. So it is generally a good idea to seek knowledgeable guidance from a Decatur wrongful death lawyer before committing to a specific strategy.

Legal Guidance Is Available

If you have questions about your legal options related to the loss of a loved one, please do not hesitate to schedule a consultation with an experienced Decatur wrongful death lawyer. Speaking with a wrongful death lawyer does not commit you to file a claim. Meeting with a lawyer helps to ensure is that whatever decision you ultimately make is an informed one, by speaking with a skilled Decatur wrongful death attorney, you are able to have the details of your loved ones case combed through and advised on the best option to take following the incident, even if that advise may be not to pursue a wrongful death claim at all. Please keep in mind that consultations are confidential even when you do not hire a Decatur wrongful death attorney and your information is safe with them. So you have no reason to be shy when asking questions about your options. Losing a loved one is a horrific experience and one that is associated with a myriad of stresses. Please understand that you do not have to navigate the legal ones by yourself. While you figure out how to cope with other effects of the death.

The loss of a loved one is a tremendous tragedy. In the event that the loss is needless or happens to be caused by the carelessness or negligence of another person, the grief sometimes outweighs the loss and happens to be even greater.  Attorney Andrew R. Lynch understands this loss more than most attorneys in the legal community through his own experience. When Andrew was in high school, his seventeen year old sister, Ashley, was killed by a drunk driver. Losses of this magnitude are hard to share and hard to understand if you have not lost. Attorney Andrew R. Lynch is Decatur wrongful death attorney that understands this process on the personal side and the legal side.

A family that has suffered a wrongful death has rights that should be respected and hiring legal representation to ensure those rights are protected is never a bad idea. The negligent party in this instance should be held accountable for the damages they caused to you and your loved ones. Money can never replace your family member, but it can help provide for your family that is left behind as you deal with your loss. 

These funds are usually paid out from insurance companies. There are rare cases where the at fault party can compensate you out of their own pockets, if not there will likely be insurance claims made. Unfortunately, no matter how much a monthly or yearly premium may be, insurance companies are in business to make a profit.  As a general rule, any settlement made without a skilled personal injury or wrongful death lawyer will be made for far less than the damage inflicted on your family. Our office has the right combination of work ethic, understanding of the law, financial resources, and empathy for what you are going through to work with you. Andrew R. Lynch is a Decatur wrongful death attorney that will do his due diligence to ensure these insurance companies do not disregard your grief and what you deserve.

If you have lost a loved one due to the negligence of another, you must take action within the statute of limitations or you will lose your right to seek recovery. Much like any accusation, the longer you wait the less likely you are to have a favorable outcome. If you wish to find out more about your legal rights, contact our office  to speak with a Decatur wrongful death attorney today.

At the law offices of The Law Offices Of Andrew Lynch we cannot promise you a specific outcome or predict the future, but if an outcome is possible we will work with you and your family to make that possibility a reality.

Please contact a Decatur wrongful death lawyer from The Law Offices Of Andrew Lynch, Attorney At Law today for a free and confidential consultation and to find out your legal options and how you can be helped.

Please contact the law office of The Law Offices Of Andrew Lynch for a free consultation today.

3 Reasons to Meet with a Wrongful Death Lawyer – Decatur, GA

It is important to speak with a knowledgeable Decatur, GA wrongful death lawyer sooner, rather than later, if you’ve recently lost a loved one and you may be in a position to file a lawsuit. The idea of seeking legal justice can be difficult for many surviving loved ones, especially those who strongly prefer to process their grief in certain ways. Thankfully, the law does afford surviving loved ones some time before they need to make a decision about filing a lawsuit. However, it remains important to connect with The Law Offices of Andrew Lynch as close to immediately as possible because making that effort now could make all the difference to the outcome of a lawsuit filed later on.

By connecting with our team now, you’ll allow us to start preserving potentially critical evidence, protecting your rights, and taking calls on your behalf. If you’ve already started fielding calls from insurance agents, debt collectors, and others invested in your loved one’s injurious circumstances, knowing that we can take this burden off of your shoulders may be reason enough to connect with our team.

  1. Discuss your potential legal options
    There is no question that compensation cannot make up for the loss of your loved one. Yet, it remains in your best interests to schedule a risk-free consultation with an experienced Decatur wrongful death lawyer because pursuing any compensation that is rightfully yours could make a significant difference to your family.
  2. Seek justice, peace, and closure
    Some surviving loved ones appreciate the pursuit of justice because it affords them a measure of peace or closure. Others are – very understandably – more focused on having their financial losses addressed. Depending on several factors, including your loved one’s age, the circumstances surrounding their death, their earning potential, etc., you and your fellow surviving loved ones could be entitled to a great deal of money.
  3. Recover damages and losses
    Wrongful death compensation awards often include both economic and non-economic damages. Non-economic damages compensate loved ones for their own pain and suffering, loss of companionship, and other losses that simply cannot be objectively quantified. Economic damages compensate loved ones for losses that can be objectively quantified. Such awards are often concerned with burial costs, medical bills related to end-of-life care, lost future income, etc. Once we evaluate your family’s circumstances, we can estimate the relative “worth” of your case.

Legal Assistance Is Available

If you have recently lost a loved one due to circumstances that may have been caused (totally or partially) by another’s negligence, recklessness, or intentionally dangerous choices, please don’t attempt to navigate the legal and financial realities of your situation alone. Connect with an experienced Decatur wrongful death lawyer at The Law Offices of Andrew Lynch to benefit from experienced and knowledgeable professional advocacy.

You shouldn’t be compelled to carry the weight of burdens that belong on the shoulders of those who are responsible for your loved one’s death. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help. We look forward to speaking with you.

Filing a Wrongful Death Claim in Georgia: FAQs

A compassionate Decatur, Georgia wrongful death lawyer knows that losing a loved one due to the negligence or intentional actions of another party is an emotionally devastating experience. In Georgia, surviving family members have the right to pursue compensation through a wrongful death claim. However, the legal process can be complex and overwhelming during such difficult times. When you need help, reach out to The Law Offices Of Andrew Lynch. 

What is a wrongful death claim?

A wrongful death claim is a civil lawsuit brought by the surviving family members of a person who has died as a result of someone else’s wrongful or negligent actions. The purpose of the claim is to seek financial compensation for the losses and damages suffered by the surviving family members due to the death of their loved one.

Who can file a wrongful death claim in Georgia?

In Georgia, the right to file a wrongful death claim is generally limited to certain family members, known as “statutory beneficiaries.” These beneficiaries typically include the surviving spouse, children, or parents of the deceased. If the deceased had no surviving spouse, children, or parents, the right to file the claim may pass to other relatives, such as siblings or grandparents.

What is the time limit for filing a wrongful death claim in Georgia?

The statute of limitations for filing a wrongful death claim is generally two years from the date of the individual’s death. Failing to file within this time frame could result in losing the right to seek compensation. However, some circumstances might lead to variations in the time limit, so it’s crucial to consult with a Decatur wrongful death lawyer to understand the specific deadlines applicable to your case.

What damages can be recovered in a wrongful death claim?

Damages that can be recovered in a wrongful death claim typically include:

  • Funeral and burial expenses
  • Loss of financial support
  • Loss of companionship and consortium
  • Pain and suffering

How do I start the process of filing a wrongful death claim?

The process of filing a wrongful death claim typically begins with consulting an experienced wrongful death lawyer. They can guide you through the legal steps and ensure that your rights are protected. The initial steps may include:

  • Gathering evidence: Your lawyer will investigate the circumstances surrounding the death, collect relevant documents, and speak with witnesses to build a strong case.
  • Identifying the at-fault party: Determining who is legally responsible for the wrongful death is a crucial step in the process.
  • Calculating damages: Your lawyer will assess the financial and emotional losses suffered by the surviving family members to determine the appropriate compensation amount.
  • Negotiating with insurance companies: Your lawyer will handle all communication with insurance companies and negotiate for a fair settlement on your behalf.

If a settlement cannot be reached, your lawyer will be prepared to take your case to court to pursue the compensation your family deserves.

Filing a wrongful death claim can be a complex and emotionally challenging process. Seeking the counsel of a knowledgeable lawyer can help ease the burden and ensure that your family’s rights are protected while you focus on healing and coping with the loss of your loved one. Reach out to The Law Offices Of Andrew Lynch to speak with our Decatur wrongful death lawyer for help with your claim.