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If you have been in an accident involving an at-fault bus, you need to call Decatur Bus Accident Attorney and Personal Injury Attorney Andrew Lynch immediately to make sure you get the best representation and the most compensation.

Every day, thousands of people in the Atlanta area choose public bus transportation as their way of getting to work or elsewhere. When they board these buses, they put an immense amount of trust and faith into the training and skill of the driver, as well as the maintenance and integrity of the bus. When that trust is breached, and the bus driver’s negligence causes an accident with you onboard, the injuries or damages can be monstrous.

A bus can weigh nearly 50,000 pounds, and can lay waste to almost any other car on the road in a collision, especially at high speeds. If you are onboard during that collision then you may experience whiplash, broken bones, spinal injuries, concussions, or in the worst situations even death. If any of this has happened to you or a loved one due to negligence by the bus driver then the law states that the agency responsible must pay for the damage inflicted on you.  You need a Bus Accident Attorney and Personal Injury Attorney now.

According to a legal principal called “vicarious liability,” an agency or business is responsible for the actions of those who work for them. This means that if the driver of a bus is negligent in his or her duty to drive the bus safely and causes an accident due to reckless or dangerous behavior, the employer is also responsible for that behavior. Because of this principal, the agency that owns the bus can be sued by Bus Accident Attorney and Personal Injury Attorney for damages in addition to the driver of the bus.

Whether this be a government agency such as MARTA (the Metro Atlanta Rapid Transit Authority) or a private company such as Grey Hound, they are responsible for training their drivers and making sure these large and dangerous vehicles are being operated by competent drivers. When there is an accident, it is as much the fault of the agency responsible for putting that incompetent driver behind the wheel as it is the fault of the driver. If the accident occurs due to a mechanical failure of the bus itself, the agency that owns the bus is responsible as well as the company that maintained the bus. Both can be held liable by Bus Accident Attorney for any resulting personal injury claim.

Compensation you may seek in a personal injury claim from a bus accident includes medical bills, lost income, reduced earning potential, pain and suffering, and funeral bills if you have lost a loved one. The actual amount of compensation you can receive is dependent on the severity of the accident and injuries, but a skilled Bus Accident Attorney and  Personal Injury Attorney such as Andrew Lynch knows how to ensure you receive every dime you deserve.

It is important that you contact Decatur bus accident and personal injury Attorney Attorney Andrew Lynch very soon after your accident. Negotiations with liable parties can often be complicated and time consuming, especially if there is a government agency involved. The goal of insurance companies and government agencies in a bus accident is to waive you by with the lowest available settlement, or to clog the process with endless bureaucracy. You should not have to stand for that, and Andrew Lynch will not.