parking lot accident atlanta attorney

Parking lots are hotbeds for auto-accidents. From minor damages, like scratches and dents, to full on collisions, cars packed together and carelessness can lead to very expensive disasters. For dealing with the aftermath, attorney Andrew Lynch has the skill and experience you need on your side to make sure that the parties responsible for damaging your vehicle pay for that damage.

Sometimes, the hardest part after a parking lot accident can be finding who is responsible. In many cases, if someone strikes a parked vehicle with their car, they will drive away without leaving a note or any other way to find them. If the accident was caused by poorly constructed parking lots with low lighting and narrow parking spots, the liability can be pushed toward the parking lot owner. No matter what, the first step after an accident is to call the police. The police have the ability to check cameras in the vicinity of the accident to see who was the cause, and most insurance companies will deny your claim unless there is a filed police report that the accident occurred.

Next step, of course, is to contact your insurance company and give them your side of the story. This is important, because an insurance company settles claims based off the information they have, and if they don’t have your side of the story then you may be found at fault for the accident. Negotiations with insurance companies can be tricky and time consuming, and without the help of an experienced attorney such as Andrew Lynch, you can frequently find yourself facing seemingly endless delays and receiving significantly less from an insurance company than you need to pay for the damage.

An insurance company is not in the business of giving you money, they are in the business of making money. Regardless of who is actually responsible for the accident or what kind of coverage you have purchased, the insurance company will go to whatever ends they can to avoid paying out your claim. That is why you need experience on your side, and that is why the last step is to call Atlanta-area attorney, Andrew Lynch for a free consultation, and make sure that you receive compensation for the damage done to your property. Someone else’s carelessness should never be your burden to bear, and you should hold those driving to the same standard of safety in parking lots as you do on the roads.