If you or a loved one have been involved in an aviation accident, you need the skill and expertise of Decatur, Georgia aviation accident lawyer Andrew Lynch to make sure that you get the absolute best representation.

An airplane accident is almost always a horrific and traumatic event that can lead to extreme injuries and untimely death. In the aftermath, survivors and the families of those who are lost are left further crippled with medical bills, lost wages, pain and suffering, and wondering how they can move on. However, an airplane does not just fall out of the sky. When an airplane accident occurs, it is because someone who the passengers of that plane put their lives into the hands of failed in their duty.

The accident may be a result of pilot error, improper maintenance, machine error, manufacturer error, or ground control error, but all of these are the responsibility of the airline companies, airplane manufacturers, and airports. When they fail in these responsibility to their passengers, and people are hurt, they are the ones who should pay for the damage.

If you were involved in an aviation accident with a private plane, then the plane owner and pilot still have a duty to get you back onto the ground safely. If they invite you aboard, and you are harmed due to their negligence or carelessness while in the air, then they are just as responsible to pay for the harm caused to you as a major airline would be.

An airline company is not short on resources to fight back a lawsuit, however. Especially with the major airlines, the fight to recover damages for a victim of an aviation accident will not be an easy one. That is why you need such a skilled attorney, who will show the people who failed in their duties to take care of you or a loved one, that you are not to be pushed around. Call Atlanta-area attorney Andrew Lynch for a free consultation, and allow him to take the stress off of you, because after an aviation accident, you have had enough.

Is there legal recourse for victims of an aviation accident in Decatur GA?

Our aviation accident lawyers in Decatur GA focus on helping persons who were injured through no fault of their own. There are a number of civil and general aviation airports of various sizes in proximity to Decatur, including Hartsfield–Jackson Atlanta International Airport. As a result, there are occasional incidents and accidents, and some result in severe injuries. If you were injured in an aviation accident, contact The Law Offices Of Andrew Lynch We aggressively protect the rights of our clients and have been very successful in securing substantial settlements for their damages.

What is a personal injury aviation accident claim?

When someone is injured in an aviation accident, they have the legal right to pursue compensation from the party or parties who caused the accident. With the help of aviation accident lawyers in Decatur GA from The Law Offices Of Andrew Lynch, you can file an injury claim with the insurance carrier of the airline or whichever company is responsible. The claim will include a detailed accounting of your medical treatment and related damages.

Can I file a lawsuit after getting injured in an aviation accident?

Depending on your circumstances, including the details of how the aviation accident occurred and which parties were responsible, you may be eligible to file a civil lawsuit against them. Our aviation accident lawyers in Decatur GA may counsel you to consider filing a personal injury claim for first. This is because it is a less costly approach and often yields as much compensation as a jury award might. In addition, trials are not necessarily successful for the plaintiff and if they lose, the plaintiff may be held responsible for paying the defendant’s court costs and lawyer fees.

Another reason to avoid a trial if possible is that they can take years to resolve and during that time it is often very stressful for the victims. They may have to testify in open court and that only adds to their stress. Our aviation accident lawyers in Decatur GA will make every effort to negotiate a fair settlement on your behalf. This will likely result in a faster and more positive resolution, allowing you to get your funds much sooner.

Common Examples of Aviation Accidents

Regardless of how your aviation accident occurred, consider contacting our aviation accident lawyers at our office in Decatur GA to learn how we might be able to help you get the compensation you deserve. Below are some of the most common examples of aviation accidents:

  •         Mid-air collision between two aircraft. This may be the fault of one of the pilots, an air traffic controller, or a manufacturer of a defective part which caused the pilot of one plane to lose control of their aircraft.
  •         A collision while on the ground with another aircraft, maintenance vehicle, or a hard object such as a building or a mobile staircase.
  •         Severe in-air turbulence. Despite known weather reports and on-radio warnings from other pilots or air traffic control, a pilot may have been negligent in maneuvering the plane to a safer altitude. Severe turbulence, especially if passengers had not been warned to return to their seats, can cause severe to fatal injuries when coming into fast and hard contact with the ceiling, seats, floor, or other passengers.

To speak with one of our aviation accident lawyers Decatur GA clients recommend about your case, contact our office today for a free and confidential consultation.

Types of Compensation For Aviation Accidents

A Decatur, GA aviation accident lawyer knows that aviation accidents can lead to devastating consequences, including injuries, fatalities, property damage, and emotional distress. Victims and their families may be entitled to various types of compensation to help them cope with the physical, emotional, and financial burdens resulting from these accidents. The specific types of compensation available for aviation accidents can vary depending on the circumstances of each case and the laws governing the jurisdiction. Reach out to The Law Offices Of Andrew Lynch when you need help with your aviation accident claim. 

  1. Medical Expenses: Compensation for medical expenses is one of the primary forms of recovery for victims of aviation accidents. This includes coverage for hospitalization, surgeries, medications, rehabilitation, physical therapy, and any ongoing medical treatment required due to the injuries sustained in the accident.
  2. Lost Wages and Loss of Earning Capacity: Victims who suffer injuries in aviation accidents may be unable to work temporarily or even permanently. Compensation for lost wages can help offset the financial impact of the victim’s inability to work during the recovery period. Additionally, if the injuries result in a reduced ability to earn income in the future, victims may seek compensation for the loss of earning capacity.
  3. Pain and Suffering: Pain and suffering damages are meant to compensate victims for the physical and emotional distress they endure due to the accident. This type of compensation is subjective and depends on factors such as the severity of injuries, duration of suffering, and overall impact on the victim’s life.
  4. Emotional Distress and Mental Anguish: Victims of aviation accidents may suffer from emotional trauma, anxiety, depression, or post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). Compensation for emotional distress and mental anguish seeks to acknowledge and support victims’ emotional struggles resulting from the accident.
  5. Loss of Consortium: In cases where a victim’s injuries are severe or fatal, the spouse or family members may seek compensation for the loss of companionship, affection, and emotional support they have suffered as a result of the accident.
  6. Funeral and Burial Expenses: If the aviation accident results in fatalities, the families of the deceased victims may seek compensation for funeral and burial expenses, helping to ease the financial burden during a difficult time.
  7. Property Damage: In addition to compensating for personal injuries, your Decatur aviation accident lawyer knows that aviation accident victims may be entitled to reimbursement for damage to their personal belongings or property that occurred during the accident.
  8. Punitive Damages: In cases where the defendant’s actions are particularly egregious or show a wanton disregard for safety, the court may award punitive damages. These damages are meant to punish the responsible party and deter similar conduct in the future.
  9. Wrongful Death Compensation: In cases of fatal aviation accidents, surviving family members may seek compensation for the loss of their loved one, including lost income, emotional support, and other related damages.

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