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Decatur Truck Accident LawyerIf you ask a Decatur truck accident lawyer about a collision in which you suffered injuries, they will likely tell you that a successful claim hinges on determining liability. In a typical truck accident, there are many factors that can complicate the process of proving fault. Very often success is dependent on working with an experienced truck accident lawyer Decatur motorists trust. Andrew R. Lynch, P.C. is such an attorney. When working with clients who were injured in a truck accident, he knows how to quickly discern who was at fault, and who should be held responsible. He offers victims a brief, no-cost case review. This is an opportunity to learn more about whether or not he feels you have a valid claim and who might be held responsible for paying your accident-related damages.

The Damage That Truck Accidents Can Cause

Consulting with a Decatur truck accident lawyer may reveal just how common trucking accidents are in this country. In fact, in the last 20 years the occurrence of truck accidents has increased by about 20 percent. This results in thousands of deaths and even more injuries every year. While truck accidents only account for a small percentage of all motor vehicle accidents that cause injuries, the size and weight of the average truck can result in more devastation.

In addition to getting medical treatment immediately, it’s important to start the process of getting reimbursement right away. Filing a claim or lawsuit can be a time and energy consuming process. A skilled lawyer such as Andrew R. Lynch, P.C. will work to get you the maximum amount of compensation as quickly as possible. This can enable you to get the treatment you need without having to pay for it.

Truck Accidents and Liability

When you speak with a Decatur truck accident lawyer about your case, you may find that there are several potential parties who might be held responsible for your injuries. Every case is different, but some might include:

  • The truck driver.
  • The truck owner.
  • The company or person who leased the truck from its owner.
  • The manufacturer of the vehicle, the tires, or any other parts whose malfunctioning may have led to the accident.
  • Anyone responsible for the cargo, especially if improper loading led to the accident.

A skilled Decatur truck accident lawyer from our firm can build a case on your behalf against every party who contributed to causing your injury. This may include revisiting the accident scene and examining all related evidence. Andrew R. Lynch, P.C. can determine who should pay for your damages, including medical expenses, pain and suffering, and lost income or wages.

A Truck Accident Lawyer in Decatur Who Can Help

When it comes to injury and accident claims, it’s important to work with an experienced legal representative. Your attorney should come prepared not just with the experience to help ensure you get the compensation you deserve, but also with genuine concern. For an attorney with these qualities, consider working with Andrew R. Lynch, P.C. To schedule a free consultation with a Decatur truck accident lawyer whose results speak for themselves, call him today at (404) 373-7735.