Car Accident Lawyer Dekalb County GA

Who to Contact after a CrashIf you’ve just been in an auto accident, we know a lot is weighing on your mind. First and foremost, you may be in pain and in need of medical attention. Dealing with police and insurance may sound like a hassle, but it’s also a vital step in your ability to cover damages for your losses.

Here is what you need to at the scene of the accident:

  • Call law enforcement, even if you aren’t injured
  • Take pictures of the damage, if you can safely do so
  • Exchange contact information with the other party, including insurance information

Who do I call first?

In general, your first call after an auto accident should be 911. Even if you aren’t injured, you’ll want law enforcement to document what happened.

It’s common to be concerned about talking to a police officer or other law enforcement official. The process may seem intimidating, but their report will be key to navigate the insurance process. Often it will include:

  • A summary from each driver about what happened
  • The approximate date, time and location of the collision
  • Documentation of weather conditions at the time
  • A diagram of the accident

It’s possible citations or violations may be part of their findings. However, any fines that accompany these findings can still pale in comparison to the long-term effects of insurance settlements or premiums.

I’ve called 911. Now what?

Guidance from a Dekalb County GA car accident lawyer can be invaluable after an auto accident. The law office of The Law Offices Of Andrew Lynch understands what you’re facing. We have helped many drivers just like you. We know what steps to take, what questions to ask, and how to get you back to your life and the things you care about most.

Each car accident lawyer from the law office of The Law Offices Of Andrew Lynch is focused on our clients. With our representation, it’s a smooth and easy process of settling an accident claim. You won’t go it alone.

Our services consider more than standard factors by law enforcement and insurance agencies.

  • Who witnessed the accident?
  • What is the full impact of the accident on your life?
  • Will your settlement compensation cover all your bills?

Don’t DIY your accident claim and risk missing out on what you deserve. With representation from the law office of The Law Offices Of Andrew Lynch, you’ll be guaranteed more than you could get on your own.

Do I need to call my insurance company?

Yes, you should. After you’ve called 911, and called a car accident lawyer, your next stop should be your auto insurance.

Insurance companies may be quick to ask you for a statement and offer you a settlement. Be careful with what you say and accept.

Every day, thousands of drivers are involved in vehicle accidents. That’s a lot of payouts for the insurance companies representing these drivers. And that’s why they may try to give you less than you deserve.

It can be enticing to accept the first offer. It could be tens of thousands of dollars. But does the settlement cover everything you need to consider?

  • Will the settlement amount cover the lost earnings while you’re out of work?
  • Will it cover all of your medical bills? Including things like physical therapy.
  • Will it cover all of your vehicle repairs and transportation needs while your car is in the shop?

Insurance companies may be quick to offer you a standard amount of money. But your case isn’t standard. The needs of your family aren’t standard. They are unique to you. And that’s what we understand at the law office of The Law Offices Of Andrew Lynch

We will guide you through the insurance process, and advise you on your official statement. That statement can weigh heavily on the outcome of your case, and it shouldn’t be navigated without help from your trusted attorney.

Take action

  • Call 911
  • Call the law office of The Law Offices Of Andrew Lynch
  • Call your insurance company

With our help, you’ll stay focused on your recovery while a car accident lawyer Dekalb County GA victims call focuses on getting you the settlement you deserve.