Car Accident Attorney

Car accidents happen all too often in the United States. The resulting damages and injuries can be enough to put someone in severe financial challenges. In the best of circumstances, both drivers walk away without any serious injuries. Unfortunately, this is commonly not the case. Unless the collision was a very minor fender bender, emergency medical attention may be needed. Those who get involved in car accidents may be in shock and have plenty of questions about what to do next.

In the article here, we have answered a few questions about how to deal with a difficult driver at the scene of the accident, and how you can take legal action against the driver responsible for the wreck.

What if the car driver is being hostile towards me?

In some situations, the car driver that hit you could become very angry and even threatening towards you. It is possible the driver is drunk or under the influence of another kind of drug. It may be best to get into your car, lock the doors and call 911 for help right away. Inform the operator that the other driver has become hostile towards you, and remain on the phone until officers arrive at the scene.

What if I do not feel any injuries immediately after the crash?

It is not uncommon for someone involved in a car accident, to not feel their injuries until a much later time. Despite feeling stable enough after the incident, it is suggested that you see your doctor as soon as possible. Even if you do not feel aches and pains now, your doctor may be able to uncover latent injuries.

If it looks like the driver wants to flee, what should I do?

The driver who hit you may try to escape the scene by either driving away or fleeing on foot. The driver may not have insurance, identification, or they are trying to elude financial responsibility for what happened. If you notice the other driver is being fidgety, scanning around for other people or otherwise acting oddly, call police right away. Try to note down the vehicle make, model, color and license plate number before the driver can get away. Do not make an attempt to chase the driver, as this could be putting you in serious danger.

What can I do to take legal action against the driver who hit me?

Drivers who suffered injuries and financial losses as a result of a car accident, can seek legal action through filing a civil lawsuit against the driver at-fault. Keep records of your medical bills, vehicle repair costs, loss of pay from missing work, and other related expenses. You may want to request a copy of the police report, print photographs you took at the scene, and make a list of witness contacts too. The more proof you have regarding the accident, the better. After meeting with a car accident lawyer for advice, you can decide whether filing a lawsuit is in your best interest.