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For individuals who have experienced a sexual assault incident, there is urgent help available, as an Atltanta, Georgia rape victims lawyer can tell you. Too often survivors of sexual assaults are left to deal with the aftermath of the incident alone, unsure of what to do. If you or someone you know has been a victim of a sexual assault, you can depend on a skilled lawyer who has provided support for countless survivors of rape and helped them recovered compensation. They can fiercely fight for your rights as a victim and build a strong case so that the responsible person is pursued. Contact a top lawyer from the The Law Offices Of Andrew Lynch now to set up a free and confidential consultation. 

Rape Victims Lawyer in Atlanta GA

At the law office of The Law Offices Of Andrew Lynch, clients can be assured they are receiving some of the highest quality legal resources and services available in the Atlanta, GA area. Attorney Andrew R. Lynch has helped numerous individuals by developing strong arguments so they can achieve the best possible results. Recovering millions in compensation for his clients, he has the skills and experience necessary to be consistently successful. If you are a rape victim, a top lawyer from The Law Offices Of Andrew Lynch will stand by your side and be an aggressive advocate for your legal rights.  

Each day there are hundreds of sexual assault victims. Though many attackers involved in rape cases do get charged with criminal offenses, too often the victims do not get the adequate legal support they need. A lawyer will fight to ensure that victims are not brushed aside and receive the compensation they need for their damages. 

Criminal vs. Civil Liability

It is important to discuss the distinction between criminal and civil liability with a rape victims lawyer Atlanta, GA rape survivors trust if you have recently suffered a sexual assault. All too often, rape victims are under the impression that the outcome of any criminal investigation and charges brought against their perpetrator(s) is the only avenue for justice from which they can potentially find any sense of legally-related closure. It comes as a shock for many rape victims to learn that they may be in a position to hold their perpetrator(s) liable for the harm they have inflicted. Criminal prosecutors don’t hold all the power in the U.S. justice system. As the dedicated legal team at The Law Offices of Andrew Lynch can explain in greater detail, rape victims can often sue for damages in civil court as a result of the physical and mental injuries that they have been subjected to.

Separate Systems, Separate Avenues for Justice

In the United States, the criminal justice system and the civil justice system are distinct. This means that, with very few exceptions, there is really nothing that happens in the criminal justice system that affects the ability for a personal injury victim to file a suit within the civil justice system. This is because the criminal and civil justice systems employ different standards of proof. It is often far easier for a rape victim to secure a “win” in civil court than it is for a prosecutor to secure a conviction in criminal court because the burden of proof within the criminal justice system is so much higher than those employed in personal injury cases.

Perhaps the most famous modern example that illustrates the differences between these two systems are the outcomes of the criminal and civil trials of former NFL player and actor O.J. Simpson. In the 1990s, Simpson was famously acquitted of criminal charges in the murders of his former wife and her friend. But, a civil jury ordered Simpson to pay 10s of millions of dollars to the surviving loved ones of these two murder victims after finding him liable for their deaths.

As the reputable Atlanta rape victims lawyer team at The Law Offices of Andrew Lynch can attest, it is not uncommon for a perpetrator of sexual assault to escape maximum punishment (or any punishment) for their crimes in criminal court only to later be held civilly liable in a personal injury suit filed by a victim.

Why File a Personal Injury Lawsuit?

Filing a personal injury lawsuit can help to ensure that the person(s) who harmed you doesn’t evade legal and financial accountability for the harm you’ve suffered. Achieving justice via a civil suit can also help to bring you some valuable measure of closure. Finally, securing significant financial compensation can help to ensure that you can afford any help that you may need moving forward as you heal from your experience. If you are interested in discussing the possibility of filing a civil suit, connect with the skilled Atlanta rape victims lawyer team at our firm today to learn more. 

The Importance and Benefits of a Lawyer 

If you or a person you know has experienced a sexual assault, it is encouraged that you go to an Atlanta, GA rape victims lawyer as soon as possible. Delaying help may only make it more difficult to put a strong case together. Having assisted many clients who have gone through traumatic experiences, the legal team at The Law Offices Of Andrew Lynch understands the needs of their clients and how difficult it can be to make the decision to come forward. However, it is a crucial step to getting the compensation you deserve and achieving justice. 

There are many advantages of having a lawyer handle your sexual assault case. With their unique skills and years of practice, they can listen to your account, inform you of your rights, gather the information pertaining to your case, represent you in court and provide you with key legal advice so that you can take the next steps. They will work to build your case in a timely manner. Talk to a trusted lawyer today so that you can receive the support you need to submit a claim.

Legal Support is Available

There is limited time to a file a claim if you or someone you know has been a victim of a sexual assault. Critical action is needed if you want to explore your full legal options. Contact an experienced rape victims lawyer that Atlanta, GA residents rely on for their legal matters today. 

General Overview of the Civil Lawsuit Process

Our rape victims lawyer Atlanta, GA victims can depend on has ample experience representing those who have been subjected to traumatic experiences such as rape and sexual assault. Law Offices of Andrew Lynch leverages civil lawsuits as a viable method of holding the person who caused harm as financially accountable for physical and emotional damages that were sustained.

Initial Free Consultation | The initial consultation is your first opportunity to discuss the details of what happened with a professional civil litigation lawyer that specializes in rape and sexual assault related matters. During this time, the lawyer will also be able to determine if the case is within the statute of limitations for your case in your state.

Documentation | Following the consultation, you and your legal team may discuss retainers and contingency fee agreements. This is the point where you may formally make the decision to proceed with the process of pursuing a lawsuit. 

Investigation & Research | Through care examination of facts and details of your case, the legal team will identify negligent conduct demonstrated by the defendant that pertains to the instance of rape or sexual assault in discussion. This information serves as a fundamental basis for defining and developing a strategy that best addresses the needs of the case.

Witnesses | If someone was believed to have been present to witness the incident, they may be a valuable asset and contribute to the success of the case. Expert witnesses, such as doctors who administered care after the rape may be provided with the details of the case in order to prepare statements that would be presented as a part of the case.

Pre-Trial | During the pre-trial phase, your lawyer and legal team will continuously compile evidence pertaining to the case. Also, during this step of pre-trial preparations the team may record your deposition and request the defendants’ deposition. 

Settlement & Negotiations | Prior to entering the trial phase, either the defendant or the plaintiff may elect to propose a settlement offer to the other side. Some rape-related civil lawsuits can be resolved by accepting a settlement offer.

Trial | In the event that no settlement was reached prior to trial, your case will move to trial. The trial may take place with a jury present, or it may be heard by a judge alone under certain circumstances. 

Verdict & Deliberations | Following the initial trial phase, the jury or judge will be given the task of reviewing evidence from both sides in order to arrive at a verdict. In the event that a verdict was reached, the verdict will be presented at court. If a verdict was concluded, the award demand will be revealed. If the jury is unable to reach a conclusion, the proceeding may be rendered a mistrial.

Post-Trial Motions & Appeals | Following subsequent verdict statements, the losing side may have the choice to appeal. Appeals for wrongful death may be pressed if the award amount seems unreasonable.

Finalization | Pending the settlement of the case, the plaintiff will be asked to sign agreements that state you release liability from the defendant from that moment on.