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When you believe that your loved one has suffered from neglect or abuse at the hands of a nursing home, it is time to speak with a nursing home lawyer Dekalb County, GA trusts from The Law Offices Of Andrew Lynch When you speak with your loved one over the phone or visit them at their nursing home, you may be surprised to find that they are not in the same health that they were the last time. Instead of being cared for, they may look malnourished, they may have bruises or lacerations, or you may find that they have had a change in personality. A Dekalb County, Georgia nursing home lawyer knows that all of these are signs that your loved one may be experiencing abuse. To see how we can help you pursue a claim, please call our office to schedule your consultation.

What grounds might there be for starting a claim?

You may be wondering how you even get a claim started. Do you need proof of obvious physical abuse? The answer is not necessarily. Our trusted nursing home lawyer in Dekalb county has seen many different situations where a loved one was abused that did not necessarily involve physical abuse. Some abuse can come in the form of financial abuse or emotional abuse. Below, we talk about the ways that nursing homes may be responsible for harming your loved one while they are in the nursing home’s care. 

  • Understaffed Buildings. When you leave your loved one is in the care of a nursing home, you want to know that they will get the attention they need. If you believe that your family member was not getting that care, it is possible that the nursing home was understaffed and did not have the appropriate staff to resident ratio. 
  • Negligent Hiring. The people who work in nursing homes need to have the correct training for their jobs. If the nursing home employed nursing who do not have the right degree or hours of training, they are more likely to make mistakes. Further, nursing homes should conduct background checks on their prospective employees to ensure they are not putting residents at risk.

See How Our Dekalb County, Georgia Nursing Home Lawyer Can help!

If you suspect that your loved one has become the victim of nursing home abuse in some way, please contact the office of The Law Offices Of Andrew Lynch to speak with a trusted and reliable nursing home lawyer in Dekalb County, GA.