Car Accident Attorney Dekalb County, GA

So you are on your way to work one day and there is bumper-to-bumper traffic. You try your best to maintain the speed limit and use your indicator so that drivers around you know your intentions. Traffic comes to a stop and before you know it you have been rear ended by another driver. You know who is wrong, but there is a problem, the driver that struck you was rear ended by another driver. Who is at fault here?

Multi-vehicle accidents are when more than one motor vehicle is involved in an accident, likely caused by the extreme force of another party striking the car before them, and so on and so forth if it is more than three vehicles involved. While you may believe these types of accidents show clear liability, there are times when the negligence of more than one driver causes a chain reaction collision. This complicates any personal injury claim because there are so many people involved, and so many factors to review with regards to liability, and just because you are cited does not mean you are at faulty, unless an officer witnessed the collision first-hand.

Several factors are taken into consideration in these types of accidents:

• Weather conditions

• Aggressive driving

• Driving under the influence of any drug or alcohol

• Or, simply being distracted

Laws vary from state to state, and in these cases, most states will consider all of the facts to be reviewed, and distribute liability to more than one driver. As it pertains to a claim, some states will also remove any possibility of compensation if you are at fault in any capacity even 1 percent. You will need an attorney that will be able to plead your case in court. Many personal injury cases settle before court, however, due to so many parties being involved in a multi-vehicle accident, the person seen as liable outside of the court may have an insurance company that does not want to pay out.

If injuries are sustained, it is best to seek medical attention and speak with a car accident attorney Dekalb County, GA offers at Andrew R. Lynch, P.C. that will be able to review the details of your claim, consider all the evidence and negotiate on your behalf. The pain, suffering, and financial burden is one thing, but due to the possibility of so many blurred lines, it is best to have someone to clear the fog for you while you get better.