Truck Accident Compensation

Losses experienced in a typical car accident can be life-altering. However, when a standard vehicle is impacted by a semi-truck, then the issue escalates to life-threatening. While each collision is dangerous, there are different rules governing each incident. For example, a typical car crash is handled through personal auto insurance policies, but semi-truck involved accidents usually involve commercial insurance. While this singular difference might not seem that significant, it contributes to at least three other reasons that it is difficult to obtain compensation after being involved in an accident with a commercial truck.

  1. Trucking Companies

One of the leading reasons these types of accidents are so tricky is that trucking companies are complex entities. Truckers typically work for huge, multi-state corporations and the trucks they drive are usually owned by those same companies. These professional institutions have deep pockets, enabling them to fight lengthy legal battles. Also, their extensive finances allow them to hire top tier legal teams and representation. The only job of these legal teams is to minimize the exposure and liability for the company.

  1. Federal Regulations

Federal regulations, or, more specifically, the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration, govern the licensing of commercial drivers and the trucking companies. The FMCSA has set standard practices for the number of hours a driver can spend behind the wheel. They have also determined the safe loading and offloading methods for commercial truckers. Also, they have implemented standards for maintenance schedules. While all of these rules and regulations sound like they should help you win your case, these regulations are complex and in-depth, meaning that to find any culpability on the companies behalf, you will need an experienced attorney.

  1. Lawyers

In regards to the attorney you hire, find one who is experienced in trucking company accidents. While most car accidents fall under the general area of law known as personal injury, not all damages are created equal. You might find an attorney who specializes in car accidents, but how many of their cases have involved commercial vehicles and insurers? The regulations set forth by the FMCSA are detailed and complicated. An attorney who has little experience with these regulations will find it difficult to argue your case. Find a lawyer with experience fighting against commercial trucking companies.

Car accidents involving semi-trucks are not cut-and-dry. Commercial drivers work for large, multi-state agencies, and they usually do not own the truck. These companies have deep pockets and are likely willing to fight, and the regulations governing these companies are complicated and confusing. Therefore, to give your case the best possible chance, contact an experienced truck accident lawyer in St. Paul, MN.


Thanks to Johnston Martineau, PLLP for their insight into personal injury claims and why it’s hard to get compensated after a truck accident.