Social Security Lawyer FAQ: Can I file for social security if I have a mental illness?

Applying for social security based upon a mental or cognitive disorder can be difficult, especially when the applicant is not represented by a social security lawyer. If you or a loved one has been diagnosed with a mental illness, and is unable to work because of it, you should consider hiring a social security lawyer like a social security disability lawyer in Wise, VA

The Benefits of Hiring a Social Security Lawyer for a Mental Illness

If a lawyer believes you or the applicant meets the criteria for the SSA’s mental disability listings, he or she can draft a pre-hearing briefing. This will include the listing criteria and any evidence that demonstrates you meet this criteria. 

  • In the event your lawyer believes there is not enough sufficient evidence to prove your mental illness, you may be recommended further psychological or cognitive testing. 
  • If you have a severe mental illness, but have not received ongoing or consistent medical treatment, your social security lawyer might help you to arrange an exam with a psychologist, psychiatrist, or other doctors. 
  • If you suffer from cognitive impairment, your lawyer may be able to arrange an intelligence test for you, or ask the SSA to provide it to you at no cost. 

Your lawyer can prepare you for questions that may be asked by the judge. How the judge perceives you will be an important deciding factor in whether or not you should get social security benefits for mental illness. 

Mental Disability Listings
When a social security claim involves a mental or cognitive impairment, a social security lawyer will need to review the Social Security Administrations Blue Book. This book contains the listed conditions and requirements for meeting these conditions. Often, a certain amount of legal or medical knowledge is needed to understand the listings. 

A social security lawyer will understand the language of the listing and how to work alongside the medical professional so that a professional medical opinion is sought. In the event, your doctor is unwilling to work with you, a lawyer might help you to arrange to see a different one. A social security lawyer may also help you to:

  • Ensure your medical records are up to date. 
  • All your records are submitted to the SSA.
  • Secure opinions from the necessary medical doctors.
  • Arrange for tests to be carried out, such as a neuropsychological exam. 
  • Request statements from friends. 

If any unfavorable evidence exists, such as an addiction to drugs or alcohol, it may be possible for a social security lawyer to mitigate the damages as best as possible. For example, if you failed to get psychological assistance or social security disability and you turned to substances to lessen your anxiety and distress about it, your lawyer may be able to include this in your claim. 

Speak with a Social Security Lawyer Today
When you hire a social security lawyer, you can increase the chances of your claim being approved by the Social Security Administration. If you are suffering from a mental or cognitive impairment, and need help with your disability claim, call a social security lawyer now. 

Thanks to The Law Offices of Mark T. Hurt for their insight into filing for social security disability for mental illness.