Driving under the influence or DUI’s can cause a lot of issues and they affect every segment of our society. One question DUI lawyers deal with is this question of what will a driving while impaired charge do to my license? Impaired driving has a lot of collateral consequences, they can be extremely expensive, they can result in you taking alcohol classes, they can lead to jail and prison time, a DUI can cost you enrollment in certain schools and even take your job away. But what does a DUI or DWI do to your license? Learn more below according to our friends at Garrett, Walker, Aycoth & Olson, Attorneys at Law.

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Most impaired driving charges will revoke your license for 30 days from the date you were charged. Meaning from the day you were pulled over, you may have done a breathalyzer roadside, they call this a PBT or portable breath test, they may have had you do standardized field sobriety tests sometimes referred to as SFST’s. These tests can include things such as standing on one leg to check your balance and to see if you sway your arms or put your foot down. They can include the walk and turn test to see if your foot touched the back of your other heel for so many paces down, then have you turn the correct way, and then walk back. And typically for a DUI case, they’re looking at the Horizontal Gaze Nystagmus Test. This test is where they’re looking for an involuntary jerking of your eyes, referred to as a nystagmus. If you have alcohol in your system the National Highway Transportation and Safety Administration will say you have alcohol in your system. If there’s an up and down shaking, sometimes referred to as a vertical nystagmus then they’ll say you have drugs in your system. All of these tests help law enforcement develop probable cause to arrest you for DUI. Probable Cause is a reasonable articulable suspicion that a crime has been committed and that crime has been committed by you.

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After you’ve been charged with impaired driving, this will generally revoke your license for 30 days. After this initial period of revocation due to impaired driving, you should be able to get your license back. After you’ve received your license back you will continue to have it until your case is resolved. If you’re found not guilty, this means you’re free to go without any further restriction, however, if you’re convicted, this means you’re found guilty and your license is then revoked for at least a year and could be for a lot longer depending on several factors affecting DUI’s.

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We understand full well the importance of protecting your record from having a DUI charge and also just how important it is to have a license. DUI’s  are very involved that’s why you need to speak with a top rated DUI lawyer. They write the book on DUI’s and they can help you, a loved one or a friend with any issues that may arise with an impaired driving charge.