Auto Accident Lawyer in Decatur, GA

auto accident lawyer in Decatur GAIf you recently suffered injuries in an auto accident, you should discuss your case with an auto accident lawyer Decatur, GA residents trust. You may be eligible to receive compensation for your losses. A lawyer can help you file a timely lawsuit and protect your legal rights.

Common Auto Accident Injuries

Many car accidents, whether they’re head-on collisions or rollover accidents, cause injuries in everyone involved. While some injuries are fairly minor, others are life-threatening. Here are some common injuries people suffer in auto accidents.

  • Scrapes and Cuts: During an auto accident, many different objects, from glass to coffee cups, can hit your skin and cause scrapes and cuts. Although these injuries may not seem like a big deal, they can lead to infection if not treated promptly.
  • Traumatic Brain Injuries: Traumatic brain injuries are one of the most severe injuries you can suffer in an auto accident. They can lead to long-term effects, such as personality changes, cognitive difficulties and motor function issues. Traumatic brain injury patients may require medical care for the rest of their lives.
  • Whiplash: Whiplash is a neck injury that can occur during a car accident when your head moves back and forth suddenly. Many people don’t experience symptoms in the beginning. However, if they delay medical care, whiplash can lead to severe neck pain and stiffness.
  • Knee Injuries: As an auto accident lawyer in Decatur, GA can confirm, knee injuries are also common in car accidents. If you hit your knees against the dashboard or front seats, they can get injured. A knee injury can be debilitating and make it more difficult to perform everyday activities. In severe cases, knee replacement surgery may be required.
  • Broken Bones: During a car accident, you can also suffer broken bones in your arms, legs, wrists, hips, ankles or ribs. Although broken bones may not be life-threatening, they can cause excruciating pain and take a long time to recover from. If a bone is broken in more than one place, you may need surgery.

Discussing Your Case With a Lawyer

If you plan to file a lawsuit for your auto accident injuries, it’s a good idea to have a skilled lawyer on your side. He or she can help you gather the necessary evidence, identify key witnesses, negotiate with the insurance company and represent you in court.

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