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Georgia Spinal Injury Lawsuits

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Georgia Spinal Injury Lawsuits Georgia Spinal Injury Lawsuits

Georgia spinal injury lawsuits can occur in the blink of an eye. In mere seconds, a slip and fall could cause you to suffer from permanent damage. You may not even realize that you have suffered from a spinal cord injury, but this can be one of the most severe and painful injuries you can get from a slip and fall accident. The Lynch Law Group Attorney at Law knows that many people who suffer from slip and falls (especially when they are in public) may be so embarrassed that they would prefer not to make a big deal out of it. What you may not realize is that your accident may require that you consider filing a spinal injury lawsuit in the state of Georgia. To ensure that you receive the medical care you need, your back injury that resulted from a slip and fall should be looked at immediately by a professional. To see how our attorney can help you pursue your Georgia spinal injury lawsuit after a slip and fall accident, please call The Lynch Law Group Attorney at Law now.

What are common back injuries that result from slip and fall accidents?

It is important to first note that you may not even realize you have been hurt. While a back injury typically presents with pain as well as other symptoms, it could be a slow-growing pain or you may not even feel it until the shock of the accident has worn off. When you slip and fall, you do not always have time to brace yourself with your arms, hips, or legs and you may fall flat on your back. Your Georgia spinal injury lawsuit could be the result of injuries that include: 

  • Broken/ Fractured Bones. You may injure some of the bones in your spinal column, your skull, and your arms and hands when you hit the ground. 
  • Twisting of the Spine. Especially if you slipped and fell during a sports game or in an attempt to cushion your fall, you may find that you have twisted your spine in the process.
  • Cutting or Severing of the Spine. If your spinal column is cut or severed, this could result in permanent paralysis, making a Georgia spinal injury lawsuit something to consider with a lawyer.
  • Damage to the Nerves. In a slip and fall, you may damage the nerves in your back. 
  • Whiplash. Whiplash is a common injury that can affect areas of your body like your head, neck, and spine.

These can all be severe injuries and you should speak with Georgia Spinal Cord Injury Attorney from The Lynch Law Group Attorney at Law as soon as possible if you suspect that someone else’s negligence caused your spinal injury.

Determining Fault For the Accident

When you want to recover damages for your injuries by pursuing a spinal injury lawsuit in Georgia, it is important to determine who was at fault. For example, if you were in a store where a dangerous, wet area was clearly marked but you failed to see it because you were not paying attention, you may not be able to get the compensation needed for your medical bills. On the other hand, if there was a large, wet area in the middle of the store that no one had bothered to clean up and you slipped and fell, you should report it to the store manager as soon as possible and seek medical attention for your back injury.

For more information on whether a Georgia spinal injury lawsuit is in your best interest, contact The Lynch Law Group Attorney at Law.