Georgia Brain Injury Attorney

Georgia Brain Injury AttorneyBrain injuries are often taken very seriously, regardless of the severity. Parents typically become distraught and concerned if they think their child is suffering from a brain injury accident. If you believe your child has developed a brain injury from a traumatic event, we highly recommend seeking a brain injury attorney to evaluate your case. At The Law Offices Of Andrew Lynch, we have been fighting for the rights and health of children, families, and individuals since opening our law firm in Georgia.

We understand seeing your child in agony can be painful and incredibly emotional. We can offer our experienced legal counsel and constant compassion while working for their compensation.

Young children and infants who are going through a brain injury might not have established the communication skills to explain what is hurting. This can make it challenging and unsettling to figure out what happened and what your child is feeling.

Common Signs of Brain Injury in Children
–       Consistent crying and unresponsiveness to consoling
–       Increased or untypical irritability
–       Changes in nursing and/or eating habits
–       Lacking ability to pay attention
–       Change in sleeping patterns
–       Vomiting
–       Depressed, sad, or overly emotional moods
–       Not finding the same level of interest in toys and/or activities

If you believe your child may have fallen or suffered a blow to the head, we suggest scheduling an appointment with your doctor or seeking emergency attention right away. The health of your child is of the utmost priority. Save all medical documents and receipts related to their injuries so your brain injury attorney can start a file in support of the case.

Children are still continuing their brain growth and development, so keeping their minds healthy is important and seeking treatment after an injury is absolutely vital. Many infants who have a mild brain injury do make a full recovery with the right type of treatment. However, a severe brain injury may be even more devastating in the long term for a child, especially if not taken care of promptly. Being able to think, learn, and communicate are crucial to your child’s well being.

A brain injury attorney like The Law Offices Of Andrew Lynch may even ask to speak with your child’s doctor for further information regarding the severity of symptoms and possible injury diagnosis.

Please call our Georgia office today so we can speak with you in further detail about the accident. Do not hesitate to tell us who may have been at fault if there are suspicious parties who were around at the time of the incident. A Georgia brain injury attorney like The Law Offices Of Andrew Lynch may be able to recover financial compensation if another party displayed neglectful behavior or poor judgment before, during, or even after the accident.

Your first consultation is free, because we strive to make our clients feel comfortable and confident in the legal counsel we can offer. To learn more about getting compensated for a brain injury, or to schedule a consultation, contact The Law Offices Of Andrew Lynch today.