Anyone who has ridden a bicycle and shared the road with cars, is probably aware of how easily accidents can arise. Going out on two wheels means there will be some degree of risk of getting hit by a careless driver. If an accident were to arise, the bicyclist may suffer from scrapes, bone breakage, muscle sprains, and other injuries. Head and back injuries, along with painful tissue wounds, are often seen in victims of bicycle accidents. Anyone who is recovering from such an incident, may wonder if chiropractic care can be a useful option towards healing. There are many injuries that can benefit from chiropractic treatment.

Head and Neck Pain

A chiropractor can work with a bicycle accident victim to alleviate pain in the neck and head area. A chiropractor is likely to do an exam first and ask a series of questions, especially if it is the first appointment. Once the chiropractor has done an evaluation, he or she can perform realignments of the spine while strengthening muscles of the neck. A chiropractor may recommend that the bicyclist receives chiropractic massages and practices stretching exercises at home, to assist in the healing process.

Numbness or Tingling

After an accident, a bicyclist may feel numbness or tingling in their hands or feet. This may be a result of compressed disks of the spine and pressure being applied to joints. Not only can a chiropractor perform an adjustment of these areas, but show the rider how to sit on their bike in such a way that it takes unnecessary pressure off the extremities when riding. Numbness after a bicycle accident is not normal, and it is encouraged that a person first goes to the nearest hospital for immediate care.

Muscle Pain and Tears

Due to the impact of being struck by a car, the muscles may suffer from tiny micro tears which can cause immense pain and discomfort. Many victims of bicycle accidents may receive x-rays from their conventional doctor to check for bone breaks or other damage, but receive an all-clear that everything looks just fine. It can come as as surprise to wake up the next day in sheer pain. These muscle tears do not show up on x-rays, so it can be difficult to know they are present until pain is experienced the following day. A chiropractor can create a treatment plan to address these micro tears, that also motivates the body to release natural anti-inflammatory and pain reduction properties.


In addition to helping heal the injuries from a bicycle accident, a chiropractor, like a chiropractor in Gaithersburg, MD, can offer advice on how to keep muscles strong, flexible and docile. A bicyclist can learn stretching techniques to help prevent muscles from sustaining injuries in the future. Let your chiropractor know that you were recently in a bicycle accident, so he or she can address your problems areas thoroughly.

Legal Documentation

If you are in a legal battle and are seeking compensation from the driver at-fault for hitting you, communicate this with your chiropractor as well. He or she can give you copies of documentation regarding your physical assessment and a treatment plan. This paperwork can help prove your side of the story, to get the finances required to heal from the accident.

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