Dental Injury Lawyer

Accidents take any number of forms and can result in a wide range of injury, from smaller scrapes and bruises to major bone fractures, deep wounds and cuts, and even missing or damaged teeth. Dental injuries can be particularly challenging, as they involve healing at the physical, cosmetic, and even emotional level. If you have suffered a dental injury, you may want to contact a lawyer so you can find professional advocates who can help ensure you receive successful treatment, repair, and healing of missing or damaged teeth. Here are 3 types of dental injuries and emergencies that can be addressed with the help of a trusted dental professional.

Automobile Accidents

Car accidents are all too common, and can be cause for many unnecessary dental emergencies such as chipped, cracked, or missing teeth. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Commission, a whopping 94% of these accidents are the result of human error. Thankfully, advances in modern dentistry have made effective repair available to more people than ever, helping patients leave the stigma of damaged teeth with the help of things such as life-like dental implants. With dental implants, procedures are available that can replace any missing or damaged tooth with a constructed replacement that feels and looks natural.

Workplace Mishaps

Second to car accidents in the number of frequency, many individuals experience major dental injuries on the job, especially in more industrial or physical settings. Common injuries may include chipped teeth, tooth luxation (loosening), or impact that can cause tooth avulsion. If you experience any of these events, it is important to seek professional dental help immediately to prevent long-term damage to your oral health. In extreme cases porcelain veneers may be the best option for treatment, which can usually be done in as little as two visits to your dentist.

School Sports-Related Accidents

For children and young adults, this can be one of the most prominent places for dental injuries to occur. From football games to swim meets, baseball games to wrestling matches, dental injuries can come quickly and without warning. It is important to have a trusted family dentist you can turn to quickly address your needs or the needs of your child. Time is of the essence if teeth get damaged or cracked, as bridgework or crowning may be necessary.

No matter the type of injury you or a loved one may suffer in one of these types of scenarios, it is paramount to seek professional dental treatment. If cost is an issue, be sure to consult a legal counsel who can help you navigate your individual case so that you get the care you need and deserve.