Most Common Causes Of Motorcycle Accidents

Motorcycle Accident Lawyer

Motorcycles are undoubtedly a fun and exciting mode of transportation, giving riders a sense of freedom and adventure that is hard to match. It is also important to acknowledge that motorcycles are also inherently dangerous and require a great level of responsibility. The same factors that make riding a motorcycle exhilarating – the speed, the agility, the feeling of being one with the road – can also lead to accidents and injuries. While it is possible to minimize the risks by taking safety precautions and riding responsibly, it is essential to recognize that riding a motorcycle carries a higher level of risk than driving other vehicles. That said, if you find yourself a victim of a motorcycle accident, it could be in your best interest to hire a trusted motorcycle accident lawyer. Working with skilled legal advisers will ensure the smoothest and most efficient legal journey possible. For now, we’ve listed below some of the most common causes of motorcycle accidents that you should be aware of.

Failure to Yield Right of Way: Many motorcycle accidents occur when drivers of other vehicles fail to yield the right of way to motorcyclists. This can happen at intersections, when changing lanes, or when merging onto a highway. In other words, this is a common form of negligence and typically a cause for an accident that could have been avoided.

Speeding: Speeding is a common cause of motorcycle accidents. When motorcyclists exceed the speed limit, they have less time to react to obstacles or hazards on the road. Unfortunately, drivers will be careless, and they don’t consider that their recklessness can actually impact others. They are not just putting themselves at risk.

Distracted Driving: Distracted driving is a significant cause of all types of accidents, including motorcycle accidents. When drivers are texting, talking on the phone, or engaging in other distractions, they are not fully focused on the road.

Lane Splitting: Lane splitting is a practice in which motorcyclists ride between lanes of traffic. This can be dangerous because drivers may not expect to see a motorcycle in their blind spot.

Driving Under the Influence: Driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs is a major cause of motorcycle accidents. Impaired drivers have reduced reaction times and impaired judgment, which can lead to collisions with motorcycles.

Failure to Use Turn Signals: When drivers fail to use turn signals, they can cause confusion and lead to collisions with motorcyclists.

Poor Road Conditions: Poor road conditions, such as potholes or debris, can be especially dangerous for motorcyclists, who are more vulnerable to losing control of their bikes.

Inexperienced Riders: Inexperienced riders are more likely to be involved in accidents, as they may not have the skills or experience to handle unexpected situations on the road. Riders can easily be overconfident about their comfort on a bike, and this put other drivers around them in danger.

Sudden Stops: When drivers make sudden stops, it can be difficult for motorcyclists to avoid colliding with their vehicles.

Vehicle Malfunctions: Vehicle malfunctions, such as brake failure or tire blowouts, can cause motorcyclists to lose control of their bikes and collide with other vehicles or objects.

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