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Bicycle Accident Lawyer Dekalb County Georgia

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Are you in need of a bicycle accident lawyer Dekalb County GA cyclists turn to for effective representation? If so the law offices of The Lynch Law Group would like to speak with you. Our decades of experience and in depth knowledge of personal injury law, motor vehicle law, and bicycle laws make our firm a top contender as a trusted Dekalb County bicycle accident lawyer. Call our firm now for a free consultation.

Common Reasons for a Bike Accident

Cycling accidents happen for a number of reasons. Each is inherently unique in respect to the injuries and circumstances, but in general, they include motorist and/or manufacturer fault including:

  • A motorist hitting a cyclist in a rear collision or sideswipe;
  • A motorist turning right in front of a cyclist on the shoulder;
  • Intimidating a cyclist while driving;
  • A motorist failing to pay attention to the road and others around them; and
  • Equipment failure on the bicycle.

In some cases, the accident is a result of road obstacles, road defects, weather conditions, or a combination of any of the above. A bicycle accident lawyer Dekalb County GA has to offer can explain these in further detail during a consultation.

The Process of Getting Compensation

When you have a bicycle accident lawyer in Dekalb County GA working to get you compensation, he or she may follow a similar process to the one listed below:

Step 1: A bicycle accident lawyer Dekalb County GA respect will review and examine the facts of your case, including medical records and police reports. Using this, a lawyer can develop the accrued expenses to create an estimated settlement amount.

Step 2: If not already identified, a lawyer will try to determine who is at fault. This could include a split fault between the motorist and the cyclist, or fault on one or more other parties.

Step 3: All avenues for compensation will be explored. In some cases, the driver, a manufacturer, employer of the driver, or government entity can be held responsible.

Step 4: A negotiation between any involved insurance companies will ensue.

Step 5: A settlement will be reached. If this is not possible, a bicycle accident lawyer Dekalb County GA depends on will be ready to go to trial. Usually this is not necessary.

Step 6: Your Dekalb County bicycle accident lawyer may also try to negotiate with your insurance company if they also require compensating you for expenses you paid out of pocket. This step is carried out on a case by case basis.

The Law Offices of The Lynch Law Group Is On YOUR SIDE

Lawyers at our firm also enjoy getting outside and going for a bike ride. We know how frustrating it can be to maneuver about the roads, especially in high traffic areas or when an irresponsible driver is nearby. Regardless of what your injuries are, or the circumstances of the incident, we want to hear your story. For a consultation with a bicycle accident lawyer Dekalb County GA trusts, please call (404) 373-7715.