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If you have been injured at a hotel, consider contacting an experienced hotel accident lawyer Dekalb County GA residents trust to find out what legal options you may have against the hotel owners. Attorney Andrew Lynch has extensive legal experience handling personal injury cases. Premises liability cases, such as when a guest is injured at a hotel, can be complex and require a skilled Dekalb County hotel accident lawyer like Attorney Lynch.

Duty of Care

The law says that, just like any other business, hotels have a duty of care to keep their premises safe for guests and visitors and to prevent accidents whenever it is possible. This means they have a legal obligation to do so. The law actually extends that duty to include not only the hotel building itself, but also to the parking lot and even shuttle buses the hotel may provide for their guests.

The law is specific in that it covers foreseeable and reasonable harm. A foreseeable harm is defined as one that hotel owners and/or management should know could possibly occur if they do not take actions to eliminate that harm. Failure to eliminate a foreseeable harm then makes the hotel negligent if a guest is injured. When this happens, the hotel is liable for financial damages for the guest’s injuries.
If you have been injured at a hotel, consider contacting an experienced hotel accident lawyer Dekalb County GA clients recommend, even if you’re not sure if the hotel was negligent.

How Does a Hotel Accident Lawyer Dekalb County GA Victims Recommend Prepare a Case?

If you have been injured in a hotel accident, it is important to contact a lawyer immediately. The sooner your lawyer can begin collecting evidence and preparing your case, the better your chances are of collecting full compensation to which you may be entitled. It also lessens the chance that the hotel has time to destroy evidence that might prove their negligence.

Your attorney may examine the location of the accident, interview witnesses, and obtain photographs and/or video of the location. They may also investigate to see if the hotel has a history of guests getting injured at the hotel, particularly in the same location you were injured.

When it comes to filing your claim and dealing with the hotel management and their insurance company, your attorney can also handle all those details. It is better for your case if you avoid speaking with anyone from the hotel or any insurance representatives because they may try to use your statements against you in order to deny your claim.

If the insurance company will not negotiate in good faith or if they deny your claim, your attorney can then file a personal injury lawsuit and a jury will decide liability for your injuries.

Let a Hotel Accident Lawyer Dekalb County GA Trusts Help

If you would like to discuss your circumstances with a hotel accident lawyer in Dekalb County GA, contact Attorney Lynch today. Attorney Lynch has received an AV Preeminent rating and has been recognized multiple times by Georgia’s Top Rated Lawyers and The National Trial Lawyers.

Contact a hotel accident lawyer Dekalb County GA provides today at (404) 373-7715 for a free case evaluation.